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Learning How to Cover Under Eye Circles Easy Method


Some of you might have under the eye circle that might make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident since your eyes looked tired all the time. The reason why the dark circle comes out under your eyes are varied, but most of the time it is because you have a lack of sleep, but even too much sleep can also cause the area around her eyes to be darker. Another disease such as nasal congestion and even some allergies can also create the circle. But heredity can also cause this symptom thus you may have some dark circle even when you are still very young. Then how to cover under eye circles so you can gain your beautiful appearance once again?

how to cover under eye circles

Learn How To Cover Under Eye Circles to Getting Beautiful Eyes

Of course, makeup will be the number one thing that you can use to cover the circle around your eyes. Some of you might have known that concealer will be able to hide the dark circle perfectly. But first, you must choose the right kind of concealer to use for your skin tone, which is why you must go to a store where you can try out different kinds of product that they have with different kinds of tone. Choosing the shade that will cover the dark shade and create the same tone as your skin tone is important.

There are actually different shades of the dark circle that you have under your eyes. If you have purple shade circle, then try using a product that has a yellow tint to cover it. If the circle has more bluish color, then try using a product that has an orange tint to cover it. But if the circle has rather a brownish color, then try using a product that has a tan tint to cover it. While circle with reddish color will be easily covered using a light blue tint or even green tint product.

You also need to pay attention to the product in detailed as it also needs to be lightweight. This means you do not need to rub the product too hard onto your skin when you apply it. Sometimes the dark circle that you have also come because there are some problems with your blood circulation. When that happen you cannot rub your skin so you must apply the concealer smoothly, thus choosing a lightweight product is essential.

Method to cover the dark circle from under your eyes

  1. Put on your usual foundation the way that you do it normally, do not apply more to the area under the eyes. When you are finished, then you can see the dark area where you need to work on.
  2. Now apply the newly purchased concealer that you get before using a brush or just with your finger, make sure that they are applied evenly in a thin
  3. Pay more attention to the area that is darker than the other area so the shade will be even. They usually available on the corner of your eyes and the area near your nose bridge.
  4. Apply some translucent powder on the area that you have covered with the concealer. This is so the area will not look shiny so just apply a thin layer to blend the area with the rest of your skin tone.
  5. As the finishing touch, you might want to use you’re the concealer that you normally use every day right above the new concealer that you purchase. That way when you use your normal concealer to another area around your face, then the color can blend well together. Continue your makeup, as usual, to really finish your makeup routine.

Get Rid Of Wrinkles under Eyes to Make Your Appearance Perfect


Having some wrinkles in your face can be really frustrating, especially when you have it on the area under your eyes. Moreover, the eyes area is very important thing for your expression as everyone will see your eyes when talk with you. But then the eyes will also be the part of your face which gets the wrinkles the first time because the skin around it is really thin thus making it easily damaged by wrinkles. That is why you need to get rid of wrinkles under eyes so you can get the best emotion out from your beautiful eyes.

get rid of wrinkles under eyes

Making Your Eyes Better Without Wrinkles That Disturbing Appearance – How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under Eyes Easily

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to get enough sleep as it can prevent the wrinkles to come out earlier than it should be. Usually, you will need at least 8 hours of sleep which done in the same time every day so it can be your habit to give your body enough rest.
  2. Use sunscreen all around your face, and if it is necessary to use sunscreen with higher SPF for the area around your eyes since it needs more protection because of the thin layer it has.
  3. Drink enough water since your skin needs to be hydrated to maintain its health thus making it elastic and make the wrinkle less visible. If your skin is dry or even cracking, then the wrinkles will be visible more.
  4. Take your daily vitamin E gel and pierce it with a needle to take out the content. Apply it on the area of wrinkle around your eyes, so your skin can create more collagen that will fill the wrinkles and moist it better.
  5. Take a bowl of whole milk and put two small pieces of paper towel inside to soak it. Then right before your bedtime put the towels on your eyes for around 15 minutes. This method will help so your face can reduce the dead skin thus making the healthier skin comes out and replace the wrinkled skin.
  6. Try to use oil which made from grape seed to your eyes. This kind of seed has antioxidant inside that can help you to rejuvenate your skin; this is why it is not only good for the wrinkled skin but also to moist it as well. Use it as regular maintenance of your skin to get the best effect from it.
  7. Another oil that works is one made from coconut, but make sure that it is the virgin When applying, you also need to massage your skin gently to help the blood flows better thus reducing the wrinkles. Try to use it regularly, and after a week you can see the change in your wrinkled skin.
  8. Create a mask using an avocado that you can crush or blend to create a paste-like a form. Apply it to the area around your eyes or your whole face since it can help to make your skin appear younger by helping its regeneration.
  9. You might have known this method to use cucumber as this is one of the most effective ones. Just put a slice on each eye, and you can see that it will help to reduce the puffiness and the wrinkles around it.
  10. Orange juice is not only good for your body but your eyes as well. Try to use a cotton swab and soak it in a fresh juice before putting it on your eyes. You can do this twice a day after you wake up and before you going to sleep. See the different on the fine line.

Easy Usage on Dark Circles under Eyes Home Remedies


The dark circle has been a common issue that everyone has to deal with in their daily life. Most of the time, you will be coping it using makeup since you want to cover and hide it from public view. But that is not always effective since you may also need to try and cure the dark circle so your eyes would not become dark all the time, which may also affect your health and your aging sign.

dark circles under eyes home remedies

To cope with this circle and try to cure it you can actually use dark circles under eyes home remedies. By using home remedies and another natural method, you do not need to worry about it anymore. Moreover, you may be also able to be free from getting too much makeup in the morning that you usually do to cover your dark circles.

Before you even try to use home remedies, it will be better for you to change your lifestyle. That is because the dark circle may also come out since you have a bad lifestyle so even when you use home remedies, but if you do not change your lifestyle, then the dark circle will keep coming out more.

First, you need to try getting the right amount of rest since most of the time the dark circle comes out after you could not get enough sleep for a few night, then try to sleep earlier when you have done a tough day which makes you really tired. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume every day that is because the dark circle can also come out after you consume too much alcohol.

Coping With Dark Circle Using Home Remedies as Natural Curer – Try This Natural Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedies


Most people will already know that the dark circle that comes out on your eyes can be reduced using cucumber. Just take a cucumber that you have been store in your refrigerator for the day and took a few slices from it. Lie down on your back or use a reclining chair that able to make you relax. Then out the slices on your eyes for around 15 minutes or until the cold temperature has disappeared. You will feel very fresh after doing it, try to do this at least twice a day to get maximum effect.

Lemon juice

This fruit is known for its vitamin C which available in quite a large number inside. That is why when you want to try to use it on your eyes to reduce the dark color. Try to take the juice and put it in a small bowl. You can try to put the bowl in the refrigerator for a few moments to make the juice cold down. Then put two cotton balls inside the juice to absorb it, put the balls on your dark circle’s area for around 10 minutes. The lemon has properties that able to lighten your skin color, thus making the dark circle also lighten.

Tea bags

Another thing that easy to be found on your home is tea bag which you may drink every day. Now instead of getting rid the bag, you can actually use it to cure your dark circle. Now try to brew two bags of tea then take it out from the water. You may drink the tea if you want, but make sure that you take out the tea bags before you put the sugar inside. Put the bags aside for several minutes to let it cold down, or try to put them in the refrigerator to faster the process. Then just use the bags on your eyes as you usually do with the other method to reduce your dark circles.

How to Hide Bags under Eyes with Makeup Application?


Maybe you cannot get rid under eye bags, and that’s why you need to hide them with little makeup and of course tricks about how to hide bags under eyes. You do not need to become professional makeup artist just to hide the bags under eyes because today we would love to share some tips regarding this matter. What you need to do is simply prepare some concealer and foundation, eye cream of course needed for the maximum result. Read for more steps of how to camouflage eye bags on women.

how to hide bags under eyes

How to Hiding under Eye Bags with Concealer?

If you already tried everything to get rid under eye bags, but no one is effective, then you need to start to apply some makeup in order to give some camouflage.

Things you need to prepare:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Gel-based moisturizer for eyes
  • Powder and Concealer brush
  • Shimmer cream
  • Translucent pressed powder

How to do it:

  1. After you give moisturizer over the faces, you need to add a second coating of gel-based moisturizer around eyes area.
  2. Next, start to apply foundation like usual over the face and apply shimmer cream afterward, just a thin coating will do.
  3. When choosing concealer to hide bags under eyes, you need to consider your natural skin color. For example, if you have dark skin then orange-based concealer is going to work well and for light skin possible with yellow-based concealer. Basically, you need to pick a concealer that one shade is lighter than your natural skin color.
  4. Use the brush to apply the concealer under your eyes by dip the tip into the concealer. Make sure that you use patting motion when dabbing the brush under the eyes which means that you cannot stroke or rub the brush. Blend the concealer well with the foundation until the lines between the makeups are disappear.
  5. To set the concealer, use a small amount of translucent pressed powder under the eyes with the brush carefully.
  6. Do not forget to check your makeup anytime and correct them after long

How to Hide Bags Under Eyes without Foundation?

For those who do not like to have heavy makeup then you can use concealer without any foundation, it also works well to hide bags under eyes.

Things you need to prepare:

  • Cream concealer
  • Setting brush
  • Under eye cream
  • Translucent pressed powder

How to do it:

  1. Gently apply under eye cream to soothe the area which in the end also removes the puffiness. Make sure that the cream is already absorbed into the skin before you continue to the next step.
  2. Under each eye, apply three dots of concealer: one dot for inner corner, second dot in the middle, and last dot for the outer
  3. Blend the concealer using your finger with a circular Next, apply 1 layer of translucent pressed powder using the brush in order to keep or to lock the makeup in place and not easy to face after long use.
  4. Do not forget to check your makeup anytime.

That’s two different ways to hide under eye bags using makeup application with and without foundation. Remember, these steps will not work if you cannot find the right shade of your concealer. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make sure that you get a suitable concealer and thus it can help to brighten the eye area where the eye bags appear. If you do so then, it will give natural looking finish plus you can use a small brush that easy to use. Hope it will help for daily use!

Learn How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles in Many Ways


Wrinkle will come to your face after aging, but the eyes area will be the first place where wrinkle will attack especially the area under your eyes. Then how to get rid of under eye wrinkles? Some people prefer surgery for under eye wrinkles but, you can actually use natural way to prevent and treat your wrinkles. That way you can show your natural expressions on your eyes, which may disappear when you get surgery gone wrong procedure thus making your eyes stiff and frozen without any expression at all.

how to get rid of under eye wrinkles

Get Rid the Aging Sign under the Eyes to Enhance Appearance –  Here’s How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

Of course preventing the wrinkle from coming to your skin is also important as it is the first step so the aging sign will not come out earlier than it should be. Try to get enough sleep for at least 8 hours every night as the lack of sleep can create wrinkle comes faster especially on the eyes area. It will be better if you sleep during certain time every night, so your body will be accustomed to the time and adjust itself to sleep and wake up at the same time.

Next, you need to apply sunscreen every day especially on the eye area as this area has thinner skin so it will be more sensitive to the sunlight which can make the wrinkles comes faster. If necessary, you can try to apply the sunscreen with higher SPF on the area so it can be protected better. You need to do this every time you comes out from the house as the ray of sunlight is very damaging to your skin, and it is the number one reason that makes wrinkle in eyes comes out faster than it should be.

Furthermore, you can also add the protection by using hats that can cover your eyes and even special sunglasses that can protect your eyes from ultraviolet especially when you spend a lot of time in the outdoor area. The A ray and B ray from sunlight can still be there even when the sky is cloudy or rain so giving full protection for your eyes is important. Moreover, the ray can even be reflected by water, concrete, snow and even sand so even though you stay under the shade, it can still reach your eyes and damage it to create wrinkle faster.

When you are sleeping, it is important to keep the air in moist condition, so your skin will not dry out and make the wrinkles deeper and more visible than before. To do that you can use a humidifier which can help your skin condition, so the wrinkles will be less visible. Eye bags are also common thing to get under your eyes, which is why using anti wrinkle eye cream can help the condition of your eyes. Use high-quality cream, but it should be a special cream which made only for the eyes area since it will be more effective compare when you use face cream alone.

Under the eye laser treatment can be the last solution that you want to try as it is minor invasive surgery method that can completely get rid the wrinkle under your eyes. It is used to burn the upper skin layer and get rid the wrinkle on it along with the layer. The underlayer that has less wrinkle will then be exposed to revealed better eye condition. However you must remember that you need to have a consultation to your dermatologist before doing any treatment as you need to choose which laser that suitable for your skin condition as suggested by your dermatologist.

Using Plastic Surgery for Bags under Eyes as the Last Effort


If you have bags which may come on the area under your eyes, then you may also want to do some plastic surgery for bags under eyes. Of course, there are still some other options that you can use to cope with this problem. Some people will use makeup since they can easily create an arrangement so the makeup can cover the bags. Then there are also some people who use a more natural method such as home remedies as this kind of method since they want something that is less risky compared to the surgery one.

plastic surgery for bags under eyes

Choosing Plastic Surgery for Bags Under Eyes as the Last Effort to get The Best Result

Most of the time, people who choose the surgery method are doing it because of they are already old, so their eyelid has also fallen and created flapping skin, so they will need to do surgery to the eyelid as well. But that does not mean younger people do not do the same method like this one. Especially when they could not cope with their eye bags in another method that we have mentioned before.

There is also a time when the eye bags has already got worse which may also make them become red in color since the inflammation is already in very bad condition. There will also be a time where the bags will be very painful so something must be done to the bags and plastic surgery is the fastest thing that you can use to cope with this condition if you do not work fast there are some possibility that the pain will spread to other area and create different symptoms.

With the surgery then the skin that already becomes sagging thus creating the eye bags can be eliminated, and you will get tight skin back to the area of your eyes. Moreover, the wrinkles that may come to older people will also be eliminate using this method, the best thing that older people should do is to also lift their eyelid part along with their eye bags so the upper area will not get droopy which may cause their vision to be distracted by the symptoms.

But before you get too excited and go to have the surgery for yourself, then you must try to have some consultation with your doctor and expert surgeon. That is because not everyone is really suitable for the surgery; this makes the need to choose the suitable surgery is very crucial for you. Moreover, you must also try to learn about the risk that you may have to face when doing such procedure.

Every plastic surgery has a risk, but you do not worry too much as you can actually try to lower the risk by choosing the right method, doing necessary pre-surgery preparation and of course the most important is by choosing the right surgeon and the right hospital where you want to do the procedure at. Make sure that the surgeon whom you use is an experienced one so there will be no mistake being done.

Last but not least you need to prepare the fund that you use to pay for the plastic surgery cost. For this kind of surgery, they usually cost as low as 2500 dollars but sometimes it can be as high as 5000 dollars. With so much money that you need to prepare makes sure you gather the fund from now. The cost may also get higher if you use very famous surgeon or doing the surgery in a large hospital. So you also need to count the extra cost you need to spend later on.

Using Best Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles for Prevention


If you have under eyes wrinkles most of the time, you will only cover it with makeup. It is true that the wrinkles will come out because of the aging sign which naturally occurs, however, the wrinkles may also come sooner if you do not give treatment to the area. There are a lot of things that can make the wrinkles comes faster; this is why you need to give the best treatment for under eye wrinkles which can slow down the symptoms as well. Thus you can make this aging sign comes later since your skin age is younger with treatment.

best treatment for under eye wrinkles 1024x512

Treat Your Under Eyes Area to Prevent Wrinkles Comes Faster

If you want to know, the number one cause of wrinkles to come faster to the area under your eyes is the sunlight. That is because the sunlight has a lot of properties which can be damaging to your face skin. Moreover, the skin on the area under your eyes which is thinner than the rest of the face area will be affected greatly by the sunlight, thus making the wrinkles comes faster compared to the area.

This is why you need to avoid direct sunlight as best as you could, even when you go out then you must try to use hat and sunglasses whenever you can. As an extra protection, you must use sunscreen whenever you come out. That is because the SPF inside the sunscreen can protect your face skin from the sunlight and even prevent the skin cancer from coming to your skin.

Another thing that can damage your skin is your habit to smoke; although this still being research the component inside the cigarette can damage the production of collagen which is very important for your skin, moreover in can also make the skin inelastic thus making it easy to break. When all of that happen, then your skin will get thinner thus making the wrinkles comes faster especially on the area under your eyes.

Best Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles

Try to consume more fish; the best one will be salmon as this fish contains a high amount of protein. Moreover, it also contains omega 3 which is very good for your overall health and especially your skin health since it will nourish your skin so it can make it younger thus will also help to reduce the wrinkles that often comes out into your skin.

Another good thing to consume is soy since this bean has a lot of protein which able to help your skin repair the damage that comes from the sunlight. Moreover, the vitamin inside this soy is able to help your skin and nourish it so it can repair the structure of your skin thus making it firmer so the wrinkles would not come. You can consume the soy in the form of milk or even fresh one with made into another kind of food.

If you like to drink coffee in the morning, then try to replace it with a hot cocoa drink which is healthier and will help with your skin hydration. Moreover, the properties of the drink will also help to protect your skin from skin damage. Thus you will be safer when going out. Eat more fruit as well as the vegetable will surely make your skin healthier, thus reducing your wrinkles and even prevent it from coming faster.

Last is you must always use moisturizer for your skin; this will help to keep your skin elastic thus the wrinkles will not easily come to your skin. It will also be able to protect your skin from crack and breaking which will be able to damage your skin badly.

The Reason Why Are My Eyes Puffy In the Morning?


Some of you might wonder, why are my eyes puffy in the morning. Especially when that thing is happening quite often or may even happen every day in your life. There are actually lots of things that can cause this symptom to happen in the morning, not only it has a connection with what you do before you go to bed, but also because of your daily life and diet. This is why you need to do your best to avoid the cause which can make your eyes becomes puffy every morning so you would not experience it once again.

why are my eyes puffy in the morning

Why are My Eyes Puffy in The Morning? Here are The Things That Can Cause Your Eyes to Be Puffy Every Morning

First is something that you cannot avoid as the puffy eyes can come because of your inherited feature. For this, you can see if most of your family member experience puffy eyes not only in the morning but throughout the day as well. If this happen, then you can only try to cover the puffy eyes using any makeup method you can.

There are also some people who experience allergies because of a certain cause or in a certain season. That is why the allergies will cause inflammation to all area of the face which has become swelling. That is why the eyes area also affected and became puffy as well. When that happens, you need to avoid the cause of your allergies as best as you can. And if it is in the season, try to consume some medicine to cure the allergy. There are a lot of over the counter medicine that you can take, but if that does not work then, you may want to go to your doctor for special medicine.

Dehydration can also be the next cause; this is why needed to consume enough water to make sure that your body gets all the fluid it needs. Around 8 glasses will do, but you need to consume pure water and not coffee since coffee can also make your dehydration worse which then resulted in the puffy eyes the next morning. Another known drink that can cause puffy eyes is the alcohol so you need to limit your intake whenever you can use especially when you consume it in a regular basis.

Outside the drink, your body condition which is too tired and maybe with the lack of sleep can also be another cause of these symptoms. So make sure that you have enough time to sleep that way when you wake up in the morning your fatigue will already be gone and you will not get puffy eyes when you wake up.

Something that we cannot avoid as the cause of puffy eyes is the aging sign. Since all people will eventually get aged so, all we can do is to make sure that you will not get the aging sign sooner than it has to be. When you are aged, the tissue of skin that contains fats which used to protect your eyes starts to get bulged and push outside your eye socket then past the bone. That way your eyes will be puffier when you are aging.

Try to avoid exposition to the sunlight, and other toxic that may cause your skin health to ruin. Eat plenty of vitamins which able to help your skin to get rid of any toxic that enters your body. Fruit and its vegetable companion is the best one that you should try to consume every day. And if necessary some supplement can also help you to fulfill your need. That way you can keeps your face skin healthy thus avoiding having aging sign which causes your eyes puffy.

Learn More about Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes


Having some puffy eyes will make everyone become desperate thus sometimes they use any kinds of a way that even something which is not proven. Regarding this odd way that people believe, some say that hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes may work. That is because some people swear that the cream which used to treat hemorrhoid can also be used to treat the puffy eyes. The reason is simple that is because the cream can make hemorrhoid go away thus they also believe that the puffiness on the eyes can then be greatly reduced using the same method. Then again the two conditions really have some lump on them, thus making this more believable.

hemorrhoid cream for puffy

Learn About the Truth of Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes

Now another reason why people believe that this cream can really work is because there are some cells made from live yeast which actually works to reduce the puffy problem. However, that is all in the past, as now the formula for the cream has been changed, and the new one does not contain this ingredient at all. So there is nothing that can really work on your puffy eyes and cure them.

But then there are also some people that claim the product is made using oil which made using shark liver. And this kind of oil is trusted to work on your eyes and may able to reduce the retention of water in the eyes area thus then reducing the puffiness in your eyes as it is used in hemorrhoid. But you should also remember that the cream does not only contain one ingredient so the other ingredient might be the one that dangerous for your eyes.

Some people that have to try this product may also say that they see some changes in their eyes, but that changes may not only because of the use of the cream. Most people that use this cream will notice that their skin on the eyes area will become dry after the use since the product is really not be meant to be used in your eyes area. So remember when you want to use anything in your sensitive area such as the eyes area you must think it over.

Some statement from a public figure that says that the cream really works for them also makes this issue become worse. Since a lot of people will believe this if they are coming from the celebrity even without any real research on this matter. Especially since there is no scientific proof that the cream will work on your puffy eyes and reduced them.

What you should consider is the cream is never meant or made to be used on your eyes. That the first reason why you should never use this cream to the area around your eyes. Especially since this area is very delicate one thus using this cream on your eyes will create high negative impact in the future which you do not want to have.

There is one ingredient inside the cream named hydrocortisone which is very dangerous for the skin in your eyes area. That is because this ingredient can make the skin in your eyes area become much thinner every day when you use the cream. Moreover, the effect will also make your blood vessel in the area of your eyes which is important, and then it will be able to make your eyes puffiness become much worse. What’s more, you would not want to get this cream to enter your eyes accidentally since it will be a very bad thing that you do not even want to hear.

Dark Circles under Eyes Surgery Procedure and Risk


Dark circles under eyes can make people who suffer them look tired and weird, the cause of such problem are many such as puffiness, pigmentation, blood vessels, hollows, and so on. Most people use natural remedies for dark circles if they want to get rid this blemishes, home remedies indeed can get rid temporal problem, but not all dark circles can naturally be removed with only natural ingredients and thus dark circles under eyes surgery is needed for the last solution.

Dark Circles Causes

Just like we mentioned before, dark circles forming from many reasons and maybe below are the factor of why your dark circles appeared:

  • Facial aging such as under eye volume loss, bulging under eye fat, volume loss or fat descent in the cheek, lower eyelid laxity, etc.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Heredity
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Environmental exposure
  • Nasal congestion
  • Medical issue
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Venous congestion

Knowing the cause of your dark circles will help to determine the proper treatment to reduce or to get rid them. If you are not sure about the cause, then you can consult a doctor before you decide to do surgery because not all dark circles need under eyes surgery. In addition, a combination of dark circles may also needed especially if the dark circles caused by multiple factors.

dark circles under eyes surgery

Dark Circles Under Eyes Surgery Treatment with Blepharoplasty

It is true that there are non-surgical treatments for dark circles under the eye, but if you need surgery to get rid under eyes dark circles then you need to know more about Blepharoplasty. In the past, people love to do Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery procedure. Before the procedure is taken, the surgeon will tell you the detail about how the surgery will be conducted and the most important thing is the risk when taken such procedure. You should never shy to ask whatever questions that come in mind to the doctor, moreover, the surgeon also going to ask you about health record and such as.

Blepharoplasty procedure goal is to remove the excess tissue through eyelid incision, and you must not be surprised with these risks: swelling, eye damage, bruising, scarring, and so on which might happen after the surgery is done. That’s why; you need to find a good surgeon that can help to perform great surgery procedure and most of the capable and experienced doctors can result in a satisfying outcome. However, you should be prepared if the result is not satisfactory because it cannot be reversed and thus you should determine the surgeon carefully! Find and compare their experience, get some reference and recommendation from your family or friends, lastly do not forget to read customer review.

Alternative Treatments

Besides Blepharoplasty, there are other common treatments which usually also recommended by doctors such as:

  1. Eye cream: Dark circle eye creams often be used to get rid dark circles or to make the dark circles less visible. For example, dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation due to melasma or sun damage can be treated using skin lightening with topical bleaching agents. Other than that are Tri-Luma eye creams which contain hydroquinone are often recommended.
  2. Fat injection: You can also call this procedure with fat transfer since the fat will be transferred from another body area and next injected in the tear troughs to reduce or get rid dark circles. The outcome of this procedure may be permanent, although the result is not guaranteed because the transfer process may be failed due to the fat cells which cannot survive during the procedure.
  3. Cheek lift: Often called mid-facelift is a procedure that is used to get rid dark circles caused by facial aging such as cheek descent. Under eye, puffiness can also be performed with this procedure in order to treat the dark circles.

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