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Learn More about Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes


Having some puffy eyes will make everyone become desperate thus sometimes they use any kinds of a way that even something which is not proven. Regarding this odd way that people believe, some say that hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes may work. That is because some people swear that the cream which used to treat hemorrhoid can also be used to treat the puffy eyes. The reason is simple that is because the cream can make hemorrhoid go away thus they also believe that the puffiness on the eyes can then be greatly reduced using the same method. Then again the two conditions really have some lump on them, thus making this more believable.

hemorrhoid cream for puffy

Learn About the Truth of Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes

Now another reason why people believe that this cream can really work is because there are some cells made from live yeast which actually works to reduce the puffy problem. However, that is all in the past, as now the formula for the cream has been changed, and the new one does not contain this ingredient at all. So there is nothing that can really work on your puffy eyes and cure them.

But then there are also some people that claim the product is made using oil which made using shark liver. And this kind of oil is trusted to work on your eyes and may able to reduce the retention of water in the eyes area thus then reducing the puffiness in your eyes as it is used in hemorrhoid. But you should also remember that the cream does not only contain one ingredient so the other ingredient might be the one that dangerous for your eyes.

Some people that have to try this product may also say that they see some changes in their eyes, but that changes may not only because of the use of the cream. Most people that use this cream will notice that their skin on the eyes area will become dry after the use since the product is really not be meant to be used in your eyes area. So remember when you want to use anything in your sensitive area such as the eyes area you must think it over.

Some statement from a public figure that says that the cream really works for them also makes this issue become worse. Since a lot of people will believe this if they are coming from the celebrity even without any real research on this matter. Especially since there is no scientific proof that the cream will work on your puffy eyes and reduced them.

What you should consider is the cream is never meant or made to be used on your eyes. That the first reason why you should never use this cream to the area around your eyes. Especially since this area is very delicate one thus using this cream on your eyes will create high negative impact in the future which you do not want to have.

There is one ingredient inside the cream named hydrocortisone which is very dangerous for the skin in your eyes area. That is because this ingredient can make the skin in your eyes area become much thinner every day when you use the cream. Moreover, the effect will also make your blood vessel in the area of your eyes which is important, and then it will be able to make your eyes puffiness become much worse. What’s more, you would not want to get this cream to enter your eyes accidentally since it will be a very bad thing that you do not even want to hear.

Dark Circles under Eyes Surgery Procedure and Risk


Dark circles under eyes can make people who suffer them look tired and weird, the cause of such problem are many such as puffiness, pigmentation, blood vessels, hollows, and so on. Most people use natural remedies for dark circles if they want to get rid this blemishes, home remedies indeed can get rid temporal problem, but not all dark circles can naturally be removed with only natural ingredients and thus dark circles under eyes surgery is needed for the last solution.

Dark Circles Causes

Just like we mentioned before, dark circles forming from many reasons and maybe below are the factor of why your dark circles appeared:

  • Facial aging such as under eye volume loss, bulging under eye fat, volume loss or fat descent in the cheek, lower eyelid laxity, etc.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Heredity
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Environmental exposure
  • Nasal congestion
  • Medical issue
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Venous congestion

Knowing the cause of your dark circles will help to determine the proper treatment to reduce or to get rid them. If you are not sure about the cause, then you can consult a doctor before you decide to do surgery because not all dark circles need under eyes surgery. In addition, a combination of dark circles may also needed especially if the dark circles caused by multiple factors.

dark circles under eyes surgery

Dark Circles Under Eyes Surgery Treatment with Blepharoplasty

It is true that there are non-surgical treatments for dark circles under the eye, but if you need surgery to get rid under eyes dark circles then you need to know more about Blepharoplasty. In the past, people love to do Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery procedure. Before the procedure is taken, the surgeon will tell you the detail about how the surgery will be conducted and the most important thing is the risk when taken such procedure. You should never shy to ask whatever questions that come in mind to the doctor, moreover, the surgeon also going to ask you about health record and such as.

Blepharoplasty procedure goal is to remove the excess tissue through eyelid incision, and you must not be surprised with these risks: swelling, eye damage, bruising, scarring, and so on which might happen after the surgery is done. That’s why; you need to find a good surgeon that can help to perform great surgery procedure and most of the capable and experienced doctors can result in a satisfying outcome. However, you should be prepared if the result is not satisfactory because it cannot be reversed and thus you should determine the surgeon carefully! Find and compare their experience, get some reference and recommendation from your family or friends, lastly do not forget to read customer review.

Alternative Treatments

Besides Blepharoplasty, there are other common treatments which usually also recommended by doctors such as:

  1. Eye cream: Dark circle eye creams often be used to get rid dark circles or to make the dark circles less visible. For example, dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation due to melasma or sun damage can be treated using skin lightening with topical bleaching agents. Other than that are Tri-Luma eye creams which contain hydroquinone are often recommended.
  2. Fat injection: You can also call this procedure with fat transfer since the fat will be transferred from another body area and next injected in the tear troughs to reduce or get rid dark circles. The outcome of this procedure may be permanent, although the result is not guaranteed because the transfer process may be failed due to the fat cells which cannot survive during the procedure.
  3. Cheek lift: Often called mid-facelift is a procedure that is used to get rid dark circles caused by facial aging such as cheek descent. Under eye, puffiness can also be performed with this procedure in order to treat the dark circles.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes from Natural Ingredients


There are various home remedies for puffy eyes to effectively treat swollen eyes either for crying, allergies, lack of sleep, and much more. These home remedies use natural ingredients which you can get from kitchen ingredients or maybe your yard. Since your skin is so sensitive, especially the one that around the eyes thus you need to deal with puffiness carefully and home remedies can be your best solution due to natural ingredients that do not have any risks.

home remedies for puffy eyes

How to Make Natural Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes?

Well, below is home remedies for swollen eyes treatment and if the puffiness does not go away even after the treatment then you should take extra care such as drink plenty of water and avoid unnecessary salt. So, how to make natural remedies for your puffy eyes?

Cucumber, potato, and apple for eye masks

Cucumber, potato, and apple can be made into eye masks; these will effectively prevent and deal with puffiness. Alternatively, you can slice them and directly place the slices on the eye area. But, you can also use it after blending them with a food processor and then put the mask under the eyes or on closed eyelids, these how you can make them in details:

Things you need to prepare:

  • 1 cucumber, potato, or apple


  1. Take the cucumber and then process it with blender, you can also choose either potato or apple. Next, keep the eye mask inside refrigerator to chill it around twenty minutes.
  2. After the eye mask cool, use your fingertips to apply the mask around eye areas such as under the eyes and closed eyelids. Make sure that the eye mask does not go into your eyes.
  3. Let the mask sit about fifteen to twenty minutes before you clean and rinse your face. You can feel that your eye area is getting fresh and smooth.

These kitchen ingredients have properties to reduce or prevent puffiness, and thus you can depend on the eye masks without some risk.

Tea bags

Tea bags, just like a cucumber, potato, or apple eye mask can be used to treat puffiness due to the tannic acid contained in the tea. Tea bags are also useful to treat red eyes especially if you do not have drops. These how you can make it for more details:

Things you will need to prepare:

  • 2 tea bags


  1. You can use chamomile tea bags, or any kinds of tea bags are fine. Soak them in water and allow the bags to cool or you can just keep them inside the refrigerator. Closed your eyes and then place the damp tea bags on your eyelids, give light pressure to them.
  2. Next, let the tea bags sit on your eyelids about few minutes, try to relax. Take them after the bags warm up, and you can rinse your face with water.

Egg whites

Maybe you do not know yet, but egg whites are effective as one of the best natural remedies for puffy eyes. These how you can make it for more details:

  • 2 eggs


  1. Crack the eggs and separate the egg whites.
  2. Using fork or egg beater or whisk to whip the eggs.
  3. Take the small amount of the fluffy egg whites with your fingertips and then apply it on your closed eyelids and spread it on the eye
  4. Let the egg whites sit around ten minutes before you rinse your face with cool water.

That’s three best home remedies to deal with puffy eyes which you can try. They work within minutes and easy to make. You do not need to worry anymore when waking up with puffy eyes.

How to Cover up Dark Circles under Eyes with Four Steps


If you already use natural remedies to get rid dark circles, but they did not work then the last thing you can do is cover up the dark circles for an instant solution. How to cover up dark circles under eyes are so easy and what you need to do is just to apply makeup or concealer on the eye area where the dark circles appear. Maybe you do not like to use hard makeup, but just simply touching the eye area will make a huge different. We will give several ideas about how to cover up dark circles which you can try at home. It is fun and easy to do!

how to cover up dark circles under eyes

Step by step how to cover up dark circles under eyes

  1. Conceal: To cover up gray or blue color that lies under your eyes then you should choose one color that lies opposite from color wheel, and that will be the orange color. In addition, types of skin will affect the color that you are going to pick, therefore if you have a medium or maybe darker skin you can use orange or dark peach color while for fair skin, it will be best-using medium to light peach color. Just use your finger if you need to apply a thin coat of concealer in the area directly under your eyes and the concealer should be one or two shades darker than your skin thus it will be work well to cover up your dark circles. To completely cover the blemishes, you can try to use the concealer so in can apply low from your eyes and in the next step it will blend enough, so you do not need to worry if it will appear orange in the first step.
  2. Blend the concealer: You can choose to use foundation or not to blend the concealer well; if you do not want to wear heavy makeup, then you can just go with concealer which has a similar color as your own skin color. Pat the concealer on top of the orange concealer that you already applied before. This will make the orange or peach concealer blend so well and become natural looking. Alternatively, you can use foundation on your entire face, but make sure that you do not brush off orange color or peach concealer underneath since the intention is just for the concealer to blend with the foundation. You can use either sponge or brush or both of them to apply and blend the foundation.
  3. Brighten: If you think that the dark circles are not fully covered, then you can use a lighter color of concealer in order to brighten You need to pick your concealer that has thin form and then choose one color that is a little lighter compared to your original skin. This will help to brighten the area under your eyes. Use a clean brush and apply some dots of concealer under your eyes, make sure it will blend well.
  4. Finishing: You can use face powder afterward, but when you have a problem with dry skin try to skip this step and go with matte eyeshadow two tones lighter compared to your skin. Try to use thin layer right in the area under your eyes when using the concealer. When you still want to apply face powder then do it under the eyes and T-zone. The thin layer of powder will blend well, and you are going to see that the dark circles are completely covered.

That’s several steps to cover up dark circles under eyes which hopefully can help. When choosing some brand of concealer, make sure that it will not easy to cake or crease since you are going to wear it throughout the day. You can also bring some of the makeup to correct the cover up later when you think it starts to fade.

3 Home Remedies for Under Eye Circles Treatments


Under eye, circles can be bothering because it can make your face looks tired and run out. That’s why some home remedies for under eye circles can be used to effectively treat dark circles and make it at least less visible. Even though natural remedies for dark circles cannot deal with permanent dark circles, but it is useful to remove temporal dark circles which caused by many factors such as lack of sleep, seasonal allergies, dehydration, and so on. If you concern about your appearance due to dark circles, then you can follow several tips below.

home remedies for under eye circles

What are good natural home remedies for under eye circles?

There are many natural ingredients that good for skin and effective to deal with dark circles under eye such as:

  1. Lemon Juice: Vitamin C is great for skin health and apparently, it also an effective solution to get rid dark circles under eyes thanks to the skin-lightening properties. But, if the lemon juice causes burn sensation on your skin then you need to stop it as soon as possible. How to use this remedy are:
  • Apply lemon juice with cotton balls around your eyes where the wrinkles appear and then leave it for ten minutes, rinse with water afterward. You need to repeat this treatment once daily for several weeks if you want to see the result soon.
  • Alternatively, you can make a thick paste, just prepare this ingredient:
  • 1 tbsp. of lemon juice
  • Turmeric powder
  • Pinch of gram flour (besan)
  • 2 tbsp. of tomato puree

Mix above ingredients and then apply the paste around your eyes, let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse your face with water. You can do this treatment three or four times per week.

  1. Tomatoes: To lighten skin under eyes you can use tomatoes which contain bleaching properties that good to get rid dark circles. How to use this remedies:
  • In fact, you can simply use tomato juice and then apply it on your face or the dark circle’s Alternatively, mix 1 tsp. of tomato juice with 1 1/2 tsp. of lemon juice then apply this mixture around eye area where the dark circles appear. Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes before you rinse your face with water. The combination of tomato and lemon juice is good for skin, and you can repeat this treatment twice a day for several weeks.
  • Drink lemon juice is an easier way to get rid dark circles. Mix it with salt, mint leaves, and lemon juice for maximum result. After you make it, you need to drink it soon. Do this treatment one or two times per day for few weeks.
  1. Buttermilk: This ingredient contains a lot of properties which good to get rid blemishes as well as dark circles. Mention them are astringent and acidic that can be used to cure discoloration under eyes while lactic acid can shed skin and make it brilliance look. To use it, you can mix it with turmeric for maximum anti-inflammatory impacts. How to use this remedies:
  • Mix 2 tsp. of buttermilk and ¼ tsp. of turmeric into a paste then apply the paste on your dark circles and leave it for awhile around fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and please deal with the turmeric because it stains a lot on your face.

Using these three natural remedies for under eye circles can effectively get rid the dark circles. However, before you do the treatments above, you need to check the reason of why your dark circles are forming because not all dark circles can be removed with only home remedies.

Using Home Remedies for Dark Circles under the Eyes Symptoms


A lot of people now searching for home remedies for dark circles under the eyes, since they need to use it to cure the symptoms that they get to the area of their eyes that has become darker. Now, of course, there are many things that you can use to cope with the dark circle in your eyes, for example, if you use some makeup, then you can easily cover them. But then they would not work permanently, and you need to do something to it, so the remedies work better for this reason.

home remedies for dark circles under the eyes

The Usage of Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes as Permanent Solution for Your Dark Circle

First, you may want to use the all famous cucumber since this home remedy has been used for a long time to cure this exact same symptom. You can try to take two slices from a cucumber that already being stored in the refrigerator for a while or you can put them inside after you cut the slices. Then take the cold slices and put it on top of your eyes to make the dark circle reduced little by little. Do this for twice in one day, and you will see the changes in the dark color of your eyes which have become lighter.

If you like something more refreshing, you can also try to find a few fresh leaves of mint which you can also grow in a small pot in your kitchen. Now take a few leaves and just crush it or if you have more time, you can also make juice out of it. Then right before going to your bed, you can try to put the juice or crushed leaves right on the dark part that you can see under your eyes. Use a mirror to make sure the juice will not insert your eyes, then just leave them be for tonight and clean them when you wake up.

Another easy to get home remedies is milk; we all know that the milk is really good for our skin. That is why you can also try to use this to cure your dark eyes symptoms. Just use a creamy one that has been chilled in your refrigerator for easy usage. Take some of the creamy forms and put them in the area that has become darker right under your eyes. If you can try to leave them be for tonight as well, rinse clean in the morning.

Next is by using oil which also is in the common remedies list that you can use for your face especially eyes for this case. Try to search for a coconut oil which you may already have since this home remedy is known for the function to eliminate small, aging lines. Now for the eyes, you can directly apply the oil onto the area that you have in your eyes, now it will be more effective if you put them on at least for the night, so it is better to use it right before your bedtime.

If you like something calming, then you may try to use green tea which has the antioxidant properties which are good for your skin and can make the dark circle go away. Just brew two bags of them for around 5 minutes, take the bags out and put them on a small plate. You can then put the plate in the freezer to make the bags become cold. After they are cold, just put them on as usual on your eyes and let it for around 15 minutes before you can clean your face from the tea residue.

Learn More from Dark Circle Eye Cream Reviews


Some of you surely have a dark circle on your eyes area, which is why you may want to use some treatment to the area. However, before you take and use any product, it is better when you try to learn about dark circle eye cream reviews. That way you can find the best product that may also be more suitable for you. Furthermore, there are a lot of similar products in the market right now, so you need to know which one that may suit your needs and become the best one for you since every individual has their own concern.

dark circle eye cream reviews

Finding Suitable Cream to Treat the Dark Circle That Comes Out On Your Eyes – Best Dark Circle Eye Cream Reviews

  1. Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

As the name indicates, this cream is a super one as it can restore the condition of your eyes only within days of usage. The cream is mostly used on puffy eyes which may also create the dark circle. This product is consisting of thick cream because they are made in high consistency so you can get the best result from the ingredient. You can use the cream to all of the eyes areas so you can also reduce some crow feet which may also come out when you gets aging sign, use it on the temple area may also help you to eliminate frown lines which will become many problems in the future.

Use this product twice a day before you are sleeping and after you are wake up. Do not forget to give a gentle massage to the area of your eyes when you do. That way the cream can nourish the skin structure and lift it, so your skin will be enhanced to create a beautiful appearance which is long lasting.

  1. ZO Skin Health Olluminate Intense Eye Repair

This product is also used to repair the condition of dark eyes and reduce the puffiness in your eyes. At the same time, it will also help to get rid of your aging sign which may contribute to the dark circle effect that you have in your eyes. It is also able to instantly work on your skin because of its properties that able to hydrate your skin, thus makes it moist and firm which also reduce the wrinkles on your eyes. The best thing that the product can do to you is they can increase the production of the collagen which then able to help your skin to repair itself and also prevent the aging signs from coming out earlier.

  1. Raw Natural Beauty Raw Skincare Ambiaty Eye Treatment

For you who want to search for a product which created by using a natural ingredient, then this product is the best one. As this product uses raw material which taken from nature, surely you will feel safer to use it, but even though it is made by using a natural ingredient, but it is as effective as the other cream made using the chemical ingredient.

Using its natural properties, the product is able to make your skin hydrated which will reduce the dark eyes by eliminating the puffiness in your eyes. Moreover, as this product is natural, but it also will be able to make the wrinkly lines on your eyes to soften. That way you will appear younger; use them in the morning and later in the night to get the best effect from it.

No matter which product you want to use for your eyes, then it is important that you use the product in regular manner, if you do not do that, then there might be a chance that the product will not be as effective.

Best Use of Remedies for Dark Circles under Eyes Mixture


Working on the dark circle that shows under your eyes has been a routine thing that you do every day. That is why you might not even consider getting rid the circles completely as you do not know what you can do. But actually, there are a lot of remedies for dark circles under eyes that you can use to help you with this problem. Moreover, the remedies are completely natural which means you do not need to do any surgery which may be invasive for your eyes so you can lower and even eliminate the risk of getting botched job.

remedies for dark circles under eyes

Using Natural Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes That Lies Under Eyes

Almond oil

We all know that all kinds of oil have large benefits to your skin especially on the thin layer of skin that lies under your eyes which easily be damaged then create the dark color. This is why by using this old regularly you will be able to help reduced the dark color from under your eyes. To use it is very easy, you just need to put a few drops of oil in the skin that become dark at night before you going to bed and gently massage it for a while. Just leave the oil overnight then you can rinse it in the morning. Use it regularly if you want to get rid the dark circle completely.

Lemon Juice

This fruit has all you need for feeding the skin; it has large amount of vitamin C which good for the skin health. Moreover, it can help to lighten your skin thus the dark color which lies under the eyes will also be reduced. Just squeeze a lemon to take its juice, use two cotton balls to absorb the juice and put it on your eyes for around 10 minutes. You can also use this ingredient to be mixed with another ingredient to get better benefits from it.

Cucumber and lemon juice

These two ingredients have equal benefits to soothe the inflammation under your eyes which cause the dark circle. Moreover, the cucumber has an astringent agent to help the puffiness in your skin recover faster thus the dark circle that comes with it also recover faster. To use it, just use the two ingredients in the same amount on a small bowl, then put inside two cotton balls to soak it. Use the balls on your eyes area for around 10 minutes. You can rinse it afterward using cool water. Use these remedies for a week to get the best result.

Tomato and lemon juice

If you want to protect your face skin better, then the tomato is the best answer to that as this ingredient can get rid of the radical from your skin which can damage it and create inflammation around your eyes that create the dark color. Moreover, if you combine this ingredient with the lemon juice then you can increase its properties to light the skin better thus removing the dark circle better as well.

To use it you just need a tsp juice from tomato which then mixed with one and a half tsp juice from the lemon. The rub the juices onto the area of your dark circle then leave it for around 15 minutes before rinsing it well. Use it twice every day regularly for several weeks so you can get the best benefits from it.

If you want to, you can also take the juices and drink it directly to get your body absorb it directly into the blood stream which will help to recover your health as well as your skin and eyes area.

What is good for Puffy Eyes or Swollen Eyes Treatment?


When you wake up in the morning and find out that your eyes are swelling, then you should treat them with the right remedies. What is good for puffy eyes? There are lots of treatments which you can apply on your swollen eyes whether from natural ingredients or over-the-counter medicines. To be honest, if your puffy eyes can still be treated naturally, then you better choose home remedies for puffy eyes instead of purchasing some medicine at drug stores and such. Natural remedies offer effective treatment without risk, and you can reduce the swelling instantly.

what is good for puffy eyes

What are good Treatments for Puffy or Swollen Eyes?

There are certain treatments which you can try at home such as:

Natural remedies for puffy eyes

Things you need to prepare:

  • Tea bags
  • Cucumber or potatoes
  • Spoons
  • Cotton balls
  • Vinegar (apple cider)
  • Molasses (blackstrap)
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Ground coffee

What you need to do:

  1. Use two teabags of chamomile which contains properties that can reduce the puffy eyes. Just soak the tea bags in cool water and put them over the eyes, let the tea bags sit for fifteen to twenty minutes to reduce the swollen eyes before you wash your face with cool
  2. Make an eye mask from cucumber or potatoes with a food Both the vegetables have properties which effectively reduce puffy eyes. Just place the eye mask on closed eyelids and under the eyes, wait about fifteen to twenty minutes before you rinse your face with cool water. Alternatively, put cucumber or potato slices over the eyes and sit them for fifteen to twenty minutes. The swelling will be reduced, and they will refresh the eye area.
  3. Take two metal teaspoons and keep them in the refrigerator, place the cool teaspoons over the eyes for few minutes and you may need to repeat it until the swollen eyes getting smaller.
  4. Soak two cotton balls in cool water and place them over the eyes. Wait until the cotton balls warm up before you remove them.
  5. Consume 1 tablespoon of molasses and 2 tablespoons of vinegar twice a day. The vinegar will improve circulation and believed to have so many benefits for health while the molasses contains vitamin B1 that good for eye health. In addition, Cayenne Pepper good to take care sinusitis disease that will be the factor of puffiness on eyes. Just eat a ½ tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper, or if you think you can handle the pepper, you can consume the one that has been a capsule.
  6. Make a coffee mask which not only good to reduce puffy eyes, but also for the entire Mix 2 tablespoons of ground coffee with 3 tbsp. Of heavy cream or yogurt until smooth. Use it as a face mask and make sure it does not get into your eyes. Allow the mask to dry and wait for twenty minutes then wash your face with warm water, pat your face dry afterward.

Over-the-counter treatment for puffy eyes

You can use generic brands or Claritin or pseudoephedrine to treat puffy eyes which caused by seasonal allergies. However, if these over-the-counter medicines cannot handle the swollen eyes well, then you need to check the problem at the doctor. Try to purchase some gels which said to be better than eye creams due to moisturizes in creams add to the fluid retention that will create puffy eyes.

That’s several remedies for puffy eyes which you can try; you also need to have enough sleep to prevent puffy eyes. Do not forget to drink plenty of water at least eight glasses per day that makes your eyes healthier.

Choosing the Best Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment that Suitable


A lot of people are worried when they are getting old; they will get a lot of wrinkles under their eyes. But you should know that under the eye wrinkles can actually come faster if you do not give treatment to your eyes to prevent it. Then even after it has come, you should also use best under eye wrinkle treatment, so it will not get worse and make your appearance older than your eyes. There are a lot of other things that can cause wrinkle under the eyes beside the natural aging sign, so it is important to know various methods to treat it as well.

best under eye wrinkle treatment

Giving The Best Under Eye Wrinkle

Before you giving any treatment to your eyes, you must have a consultation with your dermatologist. The eyes area has very thin skin which is very delicate so any small problem can easily damage your skin. There are a certain method that is not suitable for everyone, especially if you want to use modern way such as plastic surgery. Even plastic surgery also has a different method, so it is important to choose the right method and knows the risk of each method you want to try.

Natural treatment to get rid eye wrinkles

If you want to get less risky method, then natural treatment will be the best solution for you since this method does not use any chemical that can damage your skin as the entire ingredient comes from nature. Use avocado or banana to masked your eyes area, just blend or mash them well then apply it to your eyes area while closing your eyes. If you drink green tea, then do not dispose of the bag immediately, instead use the eye bag and put it on your eyes to help the inflammation go away.

Anti-aging eye cream to get rid eye wrinkles

Another method that is less risky but not very natural is by using anti aging eye cream. You should always find special anti-aging cream that intended to be used to get rid eye wrinkles instead of just using regular face cream for your whole face. Try to find an eye cream that has vitamin A which able to help repair the skin under the eyes, so it will not be wrinkly. AHA will also help to produce more collagen, so the new skin will grow and replaced the wrinkled skin.

Botox injection to get rid eye wrinkles

For the more modern method, you can use Botox injection to the wrinkles around your eyes. Of course, this method will have a bigger risk, but it is still minor invasion so it can be safer option to use. The injection will be done to the skin area around your eyes to frozen the muscle, so it will not get wrinkled. Do not forget that only professional plastic surgeon that can do this method so if you do not want to get gone the wrong result, you must search for an experienced surgeon to do it for you.

Eyelift surgery to get rid eye wrinkles

If the wrinkles around your eyes are very severe and your eyes have also begun to close thus disturbing your vision, then you might want to try using eyelift surgery. Of course, this treatment will have a high risk as it is very invasive procedure of cosmetic surgery. But the risk can be reduced if it is done by the professional surgeon so that you will get the best result. The wrinkled area around your eyes will be pulled, and the skin will be smooth once again, it will also help, so your eyelid will open once again to improve your vision.

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