Best Product for Puffy Eyes at Drugstores and Natural Remedies


If you are experienced puffy or swollen eyes, then you need to apply the best product for puffy eyes as soon as possible. You can purchase over-the-counter eye creams or maybe make natural remedies with kitchen ingredients. Anyway, we are going to list several examples of best products for puffy eyes which you can find and try to apply when you need to deal with puffiness.

best product for puffy eyes

Causes of Puffy Eyes

There are many reasons of why people suddenly get puffy eyes, but the most popular are due to crying or maybe lack of sleep while others might be because of allergies, changes in hormones, and genes. However, basically, there are medical concerns why your eyes are swelling as well as there is the temporary reason for puffy eyes. Why your eyes easily to get swollen? It is because of your skin around eye area, especially under the eyes, is very sensitive due to lots of blood vessels that run under the skin.

Puffy eyes can be treated properly using products on the markets, and you can buy them easily at drugstores. You can also make natural remedies for puffy eyes which perfectly prevent and reduce the puffiness. Below is the list of some product for puffy eyes.

Best Product for Puffy Eyes at Drugstores

Shooting Gel Masks

There are lots of drugstores which offer a spa-like product that can be used to treat puffy eyes while pampering yourself at comfortable home. One of the products is shooting gel masks that can be kept in the refrigerator and the applied over the eyes in order to reduce puffiness.

Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

It is not a secret anymore that you can depend on anti-hemorrhoid cream or in a tube of Preparation H. These creams contain Anti-inflammatory ingredients that can effectively reduce the swelling on your eye area which makes your face looks so weird and tired. For extra tips, it is better to avoid white cream and use the gel-based form instead. Use your fingertip to apply the cream carefully on the swollen eyes and make sure that the gel does not get into your eyes.

Skin Care Products

You may ever hear about skin care products that claim can deal with puffy eyes and you can easily find some rejuvenating skin products at drugstores or groceries. For example, Garnier’s Nutritioniste skin-care line offers Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller which can be used to reduce puffiness by stimulating circulation around the eye area. Other is Eye Derma-Pod from Olay that advertised to decongest puffiness. That’s only two examples of skin care products, and you might be able to find other brands with similar usefulness.

Origins No Puffery and Prescriptives Magic Cooling Wand Gel

This product contains botanical extracts which work well to get rid puffy eyes. However, the instruction says that the product should be used for 30 days if you want to see the result. The second product is called Prescriptives Magic Cooling Wand gel, just as we mentioned earlier that gel could more effectively work to diminish swelling than cream. Why? Because the extra moisturizers in the cream can add to the fluid retention which caused puffy eyes. As for this Magic Cooling Wand gel, this product comes in stick form and help to tighten the skin tissue on the eye area.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Many said that home or natural remedies could work well against puffiness. You can use two tea bags and then keep them in the refrigerator, place the tea bags on closed eyelids while the tannic acid which contained in the tea will help reduce the swelling. Others effective natural treatments such as potatoes or cucumber eye masks, for the easy use you can slice them and put the slices over the eyes.