4 Ways about How to Remove Eye Bags Effectively


Women care about their look and eye bags often make them frustrated because they make a face appears tired and run out. There are many ways to get rid eye bags from natural remedies to remove eye bags to dermal fillers and even surgery. How to remove eye bags effectively can be achieved through these methods. That’s why we would like to review each solution to make your eye bags less visible or removed. You can tell which method is the best to treat your eye bags problem later after checking our review!

how to remove eye bags

How to Remove Eye Bags with Many Different Ways?

Just like we already mentioned before there are many different ways to remove eye bags such as:

Home remedies to get rid eye bags

The cheapest and the safest way to remove eye bags are natural remedies. You can try to make the eye bags less visible with natural ingredients, but for permanent eye bags caused by heredity or maybe illness, this method cannot work properly. Home remedies suitable for temporal eye bags, for example, caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, seasonal allergies, and so on.

One of the most popular natural remedies to remove eye bags is cucumbers. You can try to put two slices of cucumber over the eyes and wait for few minutes before rinsing your face with water. Tea bags are also effective to get rid eye bags, soak them in water and place them on closed eyelids for a couple of minutes. Tea offers properties that can help to reduce eye bags effectively and without risk, you can use chamomile or green tea which believed have natural anti-inflammatory that can help to get rid puffy eyes. Alternatively, just treat your eyes with a cold compress to make the eye bags less visible. A cooling eye masks also a good option and what you need to do is to spend ten to twenty dollars.

Eye creams

There are lots of eye creams at the market which you can purchase start from 15 dollars to 150 dollars. These creams can work well to treat eye bags and some people also found them to be more effective than natural remedies. For example, hemorrhoid creams can be used to reduce eye bags, and most of them can be purchased for around ten dollars. However, the makers of hemorrhoid cream have not endorsed this cream as remedies to treat eye bags.

Eye bags surgery

For a permanent way to remove eye bags then there is blepharoplasty or eye lift surgery. To reduce the eye bags, excess skin and fat should be removed from the lower eyelid area. As for the cost, it depends on the geography area and the doctors, however, most of the surgery range from 2,000 to 7,000 dollars.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers sometimes preferred by many people than eye bags surgery and that’s why they are also known as a non-surgical procedure, but fillers can be an effective way to remove eye bags. There are lots of dermal fillers which you can choose such as Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane. Juvederm and Restylane can be used to get rid eye bags while according to some sources, Botox used to get rid wrinkles, but not an effective method for eye bags. That’s why you should consult a doctor first before deciding which fillers that you want to take. Anyway, the average cost of fillers is around 950 dollars.

That’s four methods which you can try to treat eye bags; you need to check the cause of your eye bags before above try methods. Hope these review will help you to find the proper way to remove eye bags!