Learn to Use Makeup for Bags under Eyes Step by Step


Bags under eyes might be a terrifying symptom to have in the old days since you cannot do anything about it then. But today, there is a lot of makeup for bags under eyes that you can use to hide the dark color on the bags thus making the bags becomes less visible. That is why people do not have to worry about getting too much drink that can cause the bags or lack of sleep which may also produce it. Moreover, people that inherited this symptom will get the best benefits from the makeup.

makeup for bags under eyes

Using Makeup to Getting Rid the Bag Which Often Comes Out Under Eyes

First, you need to find the right makeup that you can use to get rid the bags. Concealer is the best use since this can really cover the dark circle better than foundation. But remember you need to choose the right shade for it as you want your skin to appear natural. Since the area on the bags of your eyes is becoming darker than your original skin tone, then you must choose a product which is lighter than your original skin tone. One shade lighter will do as this can make the dark color lighter thus making it the same with your original skin tone.

Steps to apply the makeup for bags under eyes

  1. Clean your face thoroughly; it is the first method that everyone must do whenever they want to apply makeup to your face. That way any dirt and oily skin can come off since they can disturb the application of makeup, so it will not become smooth.
  2. To smoothen your face for easy makeup application, you must apply your foundation, just do it the way you usually do every day to create the best canvas which you can work on then.
  3. Take a small makeup brush then use it to apply the concealer to your eye bags. Put small dots on the area from near your nose bridge then move on to the side. Pay extra attention to the hollow part that lies in your eyes corner area near to your nose bridge. In this area, there are some blue veins which have become darken, so you may need to lighten the color by applying the dots to follow this veins. Make sure that the dots is applied without any space between it, so all area will be covered by your concealer.
  4. Next is to use your ring finger to slowly blend the concealer, just apply a small pressure to the dots which then blend it. Even though you feel awkward using this finger, do not use another finger as the other one will give more pressure than this finger.
  5. Still using your ring finger, swap the concealer from the corner outward to blend them with the other area. See if you miss any spot, then use powder to finish your makeup and keep them in place.
  6. You can then use your makeup anyway you like since now your eyes does not have any bags then you can use beautiful color eye makeup which can make your eyes sharper.

Do not forget that you need to use other things to try reducing the bags and might even completely get rid of it. There are a lot of natural remedies which can be used every day in your home that can make the bags smaller. Then you only need to use the makeup as a temporary solution when the bags comes out, then use the remedies as a permanent solution to remove the bags and get your complete beauty back the way it used to be.