Choosing Plastic Surgery for Bags under Eyes Treatment


Surgery for bags under eyes can permanently get rid the bags and even though the cost is more expensive than natural remedies for eye bags, but many people prefer this method since they want to remove the bags which cannot be reduced by only home remedies. The cost of removing eye bags with surgery are varied which depend on the surgery types you want to have. Today we are going to give several tips when you want to have surgery for bags and how you can do it properly with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

surgery for bags under eyes

About Surgery for Bags Under Eyes

Eye bags can make you look tired and sick thus you need to remove them as soon as possible if you want to appear better. There are some important explanations regarding surgery for bags such as:

Cause of eye bags

There are many causes of eye bags such as allergies, fatigue, thyroid issues, obesity, and so on. But, the most popular reason is aging because the facial muscle weakens and thus eye bags appeared. With surgery, aging people can quickly remove the eye bags. There are Lower and above eye bags which you can do.

Lower eye bags surgery

Lower eye bags surgery is medically called Blepharoplasty. The standard procedure is going like this: the patient is given general anesthesia, and after that, the surgeon will give small incision right under the lower eyelash to remove the excess tissue. Most people who take such procedure have a goal to refresh and keep their youthful look; the fat and skin are carefully repositioned to restore the youthful contour. However, if you want to get rid dark circles, wrinkles around the eye, and droopy eyelids then this procedure does not include such thing.

Above eye bags surgery

Besides surgery for lower eye bags, you can also remove eye bags over the eyes. To remove the droopiness, people require brow lift which starts by makes some incision on the scalp or hairline. The surgeon will use the telescopic instrument to pull the skin taught, but there is no excess skin removed. This procedure will make both the eyelids and eyebrows appear elevated and thus make your face more youthful. Alternatively, people also like to use Botox injection in order to get rid less severe eye bags over the eye. Generally, this injection will last around four months; the doctor will inject the skin above the eyelid, and it will paralyze your muscle and create a smoother look.

Surgery for eye bags risk

Even though it is rare, but after surgery, some patient may experience infection, blurred vision, and dryness eyes. In addition, surgery can also make the patient have difficulty closing their eyes when they are going to sleep. Before the healing is complete, slight asymmetry may occur in the appearance. The area of the surgery will swell for few weeks, and your surgeon may give you some ointment to apply to support the healing process, the wound also needs regularly to be cleaned.

How to do Eye Bags Surgery Properly?

You need to check the cause of eye bags because not all eye bags need to be removed with surgery, some temporal eye bags can be reduced with natural remedies. Next, consult the cosmetic surgeon or doctor and give your health record to analyze the cause of your eye bags. The result will determine what types of surgery you will have, and you can make an appointment for that. You may get laser resurfacing treatments, intense pulsed light therapy, and such as to remove the bags. That’s several tips to do eye bags surgery properly which hopefully can help you.