About Surgery to Remove Bags under Eyes Procedure


Eye bag may be reduced using natural remedies and such, but in fact, there is surgery to remove bags under eyes especially the one that can be removed with only home remedies. Surgical and medical treatments for eye bag are available, but treatment may not be covered by medical insurance if you just want to get rid the eye bags to alter appearance.

surgery to remove bags under eyes

Choosing eye bag removal surgery

Aging people usually start to lose their muscle tone and skin elasticity around the eye which caused eye bag. People who concern about their appearance often use cosmetic surgery to get rid this bag in order to improve their look. The surgery will remove the bag underneath your eyes. But, such surgery would not remove dark circles, crow’s feet, and wrinkles and that’s why if you also want to get rid those skin issues then you may need to see other surgeries such as skin tightening treatment as well as wrinkle and line smoothing.

About Blepharoplasty – Surgery to Remove Bags Under Eyes

Surgery to remove eye bags under eyes is called Blepharoplasty, and in fact, there are three kinds of this procedure which not only intent to get rid eye bags under eyes but also sagging upper eyelids. Here are the types:

  • Lower Blepharoplasty which used for eye bag removal.
  • Upper Blepharoplasty which used to treat sagging upper eyelids.
  • The combination of both lower and upper Blepharoplasty.

Before you get the surgery, you should know the reason of your eye bags because not every bags are forming due to aging, some people may be severe from a health issue and thus you need to check and consult a doctor first. If you want to improve your appearance, what you need to do is just consult the cosmetic surgeon and make a deal of when you will do the surgery. They also will ask about your eye health and any eye problem to ensure whether or not you need the surgery and which surgery will be suitable for you. Make sure that you choose a cosmetic surgeon with good experience, do not forget to ask your families or friends for some recommendation. Read others patient comments and such as to make sure that you will get good consultation and outcome.

Surgery procedure to remove bags under eyes

The doctor or surgeon will tell you the exact detail of your procedure, it will go like this: the surgeon will make some incision right in eyelids or below your lower eyelashes. You do not need to worry if there is any scar will leave and make your appearance worst because any fine scars will be in the natural folds of eyes. After that, the incisions will be closed after the surgeon removes the excess fat and skin. In addition, the surgeon will make the incision inside the eyelids and thus leaving no scars.

After the surgery, your eyes will be swollen and bruised, but do not worry because the surgeon will give you ointment in order to prevent infection and to stop your eyes from drying out. Moreover, she or he may give you small strips of sterile tape over your stitches.

Is there any risk of surgery to remove bags?

Every surgery will have some risk, but the doctor will tell you about this before you decide to go through the surgery. Do not forget to ask the price or the cost of eye bag surgery which depends on the type of surgery you want to take.

Anyway, it is always the best thing if you stay natural and if the eye bags can be reduced and removed by home remedies for bags under eyes, then you can go with it, not need to mention that most of the natural ingredients cause no risk.