Curing Face the Swollen Eyes in the Morning To Looks Fresh Everyday


Some of you may experience some swollen eyes in the morning which you can need to cope with every day. There are many causes that can lead to getting you swollen eyes, which are why every individual must know the reason why they have the symptom before you even try to do something to it.

swollen eyes in the morning

Some of you may experience allergy which then makes your eyes watery and swollen. If that is what you get, then the only way you need to deal with the swollen eyes is by curing your allergy, so the symptom will not come out again. Some of you may use common medicine for allergy such as pseudoephedrine, but when that still does not work, and then you may want to ask about it with your doctor.

Or you may also experience dehydration which then will make your blood vessel to enlarge thus the vessel around your eyes will make them appear swollen. The skin around your eyes is very thin, so the vessel below it will really come out easily when they enlarged themselves.

Taking the wrong kind of diet may also lead to the same symptoms, if you do not eat enough vitamin C and some beta-carotene, then your body and skin will become swollen. There is also some food that really causes the swollen eyes because the substance inside the food which can make your eyes swollen. That is, for example, the alcohol which able to make your eyes swollen when you drink too much of it the night before. So try to reduce your drink especially when you drink it regularly, so you will see the change in your look.

Tired might also be the next thing that can cause the swollen eyes, especially when you do not get enough sleep after your tiring day, then the swell will get worse. That is why you need to make sure that you provide enough time to sleep after you are getting off from work, around 8 hours is enough.

Curing the Swollen Eyes in the Morning Quickly

To do something about your swollen eyes, you may want to try massaging your eyes gently. But do not overdo it since it may worsen the swell. Using your ring finger just gently tap the area around your eyes from the corner near your nose bridge then move outwards. That way the fluid inside your body will flow better, thus swollen eyes can be reduced.

You may also try to compress your eyes with something cold. If you have a compress gel, then you can put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes until it becomes cold enough. Then you can try to compress your eyes for around 10 minutes while you lie down and relax your body.

For some home remedies, you can try to purchase a witch hazel that has been extracted. They can be easily found at your local drug store. Just put it in the refrigerator to make it cold then take two cotton balls to soak it with the extract. Then put then over your eyes while you lay down, let them be for around 15 minutes before you rinse your face with cold water.

If your eyes are still swollen then you may want to learn to cover it with makeup, so it will not be too visible. But this method is an only temporary method so the best way that you can do is to cure the swollen eyes completely so you can have your makeup perfectly without being disturbed by the swollen eyes condition which comes every morning that affected your appearance.