Using Tea Bags for Dark Circles Effective Method


The dark circle can be annoying for some people as it will ruin your appearance and makes it worse when you cannot cover it with makeup. But then covering your dark circle is not the only solution that you can work on it. You also need to reduce and even eliminate the dark circle, so the problem will not disturb you again. A lot of people has used tea bags for dark circles for ages since people knows about this natural remedy that works well for your dark circles. Now let us learn the best way to use the bag of tea on your eyes.

tea bags for dark circles

Recover Your Beautiful Eyes with Tea bags for Dark Circles

There are actually many reasons why the dark circles can come out to your eyes, but then again the melanin color that comes from your own genetic is the highest factor for it. When you have irritation, then the area around your eyes will get inflammation thus creating the dark color. There are also some allergies that known to have caused hyperpigmentation which then create darker color on your eyes. Fatigue also knew issue that can cause this symptom so you must take care of your body.

Now, what is the connection between the symptom and the tea bag? The tea itself actually has an anti inflammatory function that can relieve the symptom. We all know that there is caffeine inside the tea and that will help your skin from creating bags and dark color on the area around your eyes so both symptoms can be reduced.

Most important thing is to choose the right kind of tea that you can use to clear the symptoms. Of course, that will also depend on the kind of symptoms you may have on your skin. If you only have the dark circle without any other symptoms then using tea without any caffeine inside is enough, for this, you might want to use tea bag made from chamomile as this is the best selection.

But if you get symptoms of eyes bags along with your dark circle then caffeine is needed to cure it. For this kind of symptoms then black tea can give the best use, or you can also opt for green tea as this also give the same use. That way you can get rid of the bag on your eyes which may also create the dark shadow on your eyes.

Working your way to reducing the dark circle using tea bag

  1. After you get the right kind of tea you want to use, just boil a cup of water and put two bags inside. Leave them for a few minute until the bags are completely soaked. Take out the bags, put it on a clean plate and take them inside the refrigerator to cool them down.
  2. Meanwhile, you can start to clean your whole face using your usual soap or cleanser to prepare it for the treatment.
  3. After the bag is completely cool down, you can take it out.
  4. Lay down on your bed and close your eyes shut, put the bag on each eye and take them on for 10 minutes.
  5. Now you can remove them from your eyes and rewash your face using cool water just to clean the tea.

You should also know that some people want to use their tea bag in a warm condition, when you want to do that you do not need to put it in the refrigerator and just put it outside until the temperature cool down a bit, so it is not too hot for your eyes.