What is good for Puffy Eyes or Swollen Eyes Treatment?


When you wake up in the morning and find out that your eyes are swelling, then you should treat them with the right remedies. What is good for puffy eyes? There are lots of treatments which you can apply on your swollen eyes whether from natural ingredients or over-the-counter medicines. To be honest, if your puffy eyes can still be treated naturally, then you better choose home remedies for puffy eyes instead of purchasing some medicine at drug stores and such. Natural remedies offer effective treatment without risk, and you can reduce the swelling instantly.

what is good for puffy eyes

What are good Treatments for Puffy or Swollen Eyes?

There are certain treatments which you can try at home such as:

Natural remedies for puffy eyes

Things you need to prepare:

  • Tea bags
  • Cucumber or potatoes
  • Spoons
  • Cotton balls
  • Vinegar (apple cider)
  • Molasses (blackstrap)
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Ground coffee

What you need to do:

  1. Use two teabags of chamomile which contains properties that can reduce the puffy eyes. Just soak the tea bags in cool water and put them over the eyes, let the tea bags sit for fifteen to twenty minutes to reduce the swollen eyes before you wash your face with cool
  2. Make an eye mask from cucumber or potatoes with a food Both the vegetables have properties which effectively reduce puffy eyes. Just place the eye mask on closed eyelids and under the eyes, wait about fifteen to twenty minutes before you rinse your face with cool water. Alternatively, put cucumber or potato slices over the eyes and sit them for fifteen to twenty minutes. The swelling will be reduced, and they will refresh the eye area.
  3. Take two metal teaspoons and keep them in the refrigerator, place the cool teaspoons over the eyes for few minutes and you may need to repeat it until the swollen eyes getting smaller.
  4. Soak two cotton balls in cool water and place them over the eyes. Wait until the cotton balls warm up before you remove them.
  5. Consume 1 tablespoon of molasses and 2 tablespoons of vinegar twice a day. The vinegar will improve circulation and believed to have so many benefits for health while the molasses contains vitamin B1 that good for eye health. In addition, Cayenne Pepper good to take care sinusitis disease that will be the factor of puffiness on eyes. Just eat a ½ tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper, or if you think you can handle the pepper, you can consume the one that has been a capsule.
  6. Make a coffee mask which not only good to reduce puffy eyes, but also for the entire Mix 2 tablespoons of ground coffee with 3 tbsp. Of heavy cream or yogurt until smooth. Use it as a face mask and make sure it does not get into your eyes. Allow the mask to dry and wait for twenty minutes then wash your face with warm water, pat your face dry afterward.

Over-the-counter treatment for puffy eyes

You can use generic brands or Claritin or pseudoephedrine to treat puffy eyes which caused by seasonal allergies. However, if these over-the-counter medicines cannot handle the swollen eyes well, then you need to check the problem at the doctor. Try to purchase some gels which said to be better than eye creams due to moisturizes in creams add to the fluid retention that will create puffy eyes.

That’s several remedies for puffy eyes which you can try; you also need to have enough sleep to prevent puffy eyes. Do not forget to drink plenty of water at least eight glasses per day that makes your eyes healthier.