The Reason Why Are My Eyes Puffy In the Morning?


Some of you might wonder, why are my eyes puffy in the morning. Especially when that thing is happening quite often or may even happen every day in your life. There are actually lots of things that can cause this symptom to happen in the morning, not only it has a connection with what you do before you go to bed, but also because of your daily life and diet. This is why you need to do your best to avoid the cause which can make your eyes becomes puffy every morning so you would not experience it once again.

why are my eyes puffy in the morning

Why are My Eyes Puffy in The Morning? Here are The Things That Can Cause Your Eyes to Be Puffy Every Morning

First is something that you cannot avoid as the puffy eyes can come because of your inherited feature. For this, you can see if most of your family member experience puffy eyes not only in the morning but throughout the day as well. If this happen, then you can only try to cover the puffy eyes using any makeup method you can.

There are also some people who experience allergies because of a certain cause or in a certain season. That is why the allergies will cause inflammation to all area of the face which has become swelling. That is why the eyes area also affected and became puffy as well. When that happens, you need to avoid the cause of your allergies as best as you can. And if it is in the season, try to consume some medicine to cure the allergy. There are a lot of over the counter medicine that you can take, but if that does not work then, you may want to go to your doctor for special medicine.

Dehydration can also be the next cause; this is why needed to consume enough water to make sure that your body gets all the fluid it needs. Around 8 glasses will do, but you need to consume pure water and not coffee since coffee can also make your dehydration worse which then resulted in the puffy eyes the next morning. Another known drink that can cause puffy eyes is the alcohol so you need to limit your intake whenever you can use especially when you consume it in a regular basis.

Outside the drink, your body condition which is too tired and maybe with the lack of sleep can also be another cause of these symptoms. So make sure that you have enough time to sleep that way when you wake up in the morning your fatigue will already be gone and you will not get puffy eyes when you wake up.

Something that we cannot avoid as the cause of puffy eyes is the aging sign. Since all people will eventually get aged so, all we can do is to make sure that you will not get the aging sign sooner than it has to be. When you are aged, the tissue of skin that contains fats which used to protect your eyes starts to get bulged and push outside your eye socket then past the bone. That way your eyes will be puffier when you are aging.

Try to avoid exposition to the sunlight, and other toxic that may cause your skin health to ruin. Eat plenty of vitamins which able to help your skin to get rid of any toxic that enters your body. Fruit and its vegetable companion is the best one that you should try to consume every day. And if necessary some supplement can also help you to fulfill your need. That way you can keeps your face skin healthy thus avoiding having aging sign which causes your eyes puffy.