Choosing the Best Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment that Suitable


A lot of people are worried when they are getting old; they will get a lot of wrinkles under their eyes. But you should know that under the eye wrinkles can actually come faster if you do not give treatment to your eyes to prevent it. Then even after it has come, you should also use best under eye wrinkle treatment, so it will not get worse and make your appearance older than your eyes. There are a lot of other things that can cause wrinkle under the eyes beside the natural aging sign, so it is important to know various methods to treat it as well.

best under eye wrinkle treatment

Giving The Best Under Eye Wrinkle

Before you giving any treatment to your eyes, you must have a consultation with your dermatologist. The eyes area has very thin skin which is very delicate so any small problem can easily damage your skin. There are a certain method that is not suitable for everyone, especially if you want to use modern way such as plastic surgery. Even plastic surgery also has a different method, so it is important to choose the right method and knows the risk of each method you want to try.

Natural treatment to get rid eye wrinkles

If you want to get less risky method, then natural treatment will be the best solution for you since this method does not use any chemical that can damage your skin as the entire ingredient comes from nature. Use avocado or banana to masked your eyes area, just blend or mash them well then apply it to your eyes area while closing your eyes. If you drink green tea, then do not dispose of the bag immediately, instead use the eye bag and put it on your eyes to help the inflammation go away.

Anti-aging eye cream to get rid eye wrinkles

Another method that is less risky but not very natural is by using anti aging eye cream. You should always find special anti-aging cream that intended to be used to get rid eye wrinkles instead of just using regular face cream for your whole face. Try to find an eye cream that has vitamin A which able to help repair the skin under the eyes, so it will not be wrinkly. AHA will also help to produce more collagen, so the new skin will grow and replaced the wrinkled skin.

Botox injection to get rid eye wrinkles

For the more modern method, you can use Botox injection to the wrinkles around your eyes. Of course, this method will have a bigger risk, but it is still minor invasion so it can be safer option to use. The injection will be done to the skin area around your eyes to frozen the muscle, so it will not get wrinkled. Do not forget that only professional plastic surgeon that can do this method so if you do not want to get gone the wrong result, you must search for an experienced surgeon to do it for you.

Eyelift surgery to get rid eye wrinkles

If the wrinkles around your eyes are very severe and your eyes have also begun to close thus disturbing your vision, then you might want to try using eyelift surgery. Of course, this treatment will have a high risk as it is very invasive procedure of cosmetic surgery. But the risk can be reduced if it is done by the professional surgeon so that you will get the best result. The wrinkled area around your eyes will be pulled, and the skin will be smooth once again, it will also help, so your eyelid will open once again to improve your vision.