Is Kettle Brand Chips Healthy

Kettle Foods Organic Sea Salt Original Potato Chips BUY NOW. If you like the extra crunch of kettle-cooked chips these are a smart pick.

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How are they made.

Is kettle brand chips healthy. However manufacturers are reducing added sodium and cooking oils in chips turning chips from a high-fat food to a low-fat option. Lays Simply Natural Sea Salt Flavored Thick Cut potato chips 399 for 35 oz. Kettle Brand Sea Salt Vinegar Per 1 serving 13 chips.

140 calories 9 g fat 1 g saturated fat 180 mg sodium 15 g carbs 2 g fiber 0 g sugar 2 g protein Any chips with a sea salt flavor will unsurprisingly be high in sodium but these sea salt and vinegar chips are also high in fat. Just because this product boasts a kettle cooked cooking method does not mean it accounts for a healthier chip. Compared to traditional potato chips Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips have 65 less in fat but they dont sacrifice a bit in flavor.

If you cant resist the temptation. You could argue that kettle chips have a slight edge on account of the lower temperature of the oil as the high temperature of conventional methods oxidizes the cooking oil creating damaging free radicals. The perfect sandwich companion these chips are made with just three ingredients potatoes avocado oil and salt and contain.

Dont be led astray by the marketingthese chips have one of the smallest serving sizes for a massive hit of empty calories fat and sodium. The best part about these perfectly addictive chips is the short and simple ingredient listjust potatoes sea salt and vegetable oil. For tortilla chips fill up on satiating fiber by picking brands that contain whole-grain corn which might appear as whole kernel or stone ground corn on the label.

But thats a pretty insignificant bonus. Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Vinegar Bakes potato chips 339 for 4 oz. 150 calories per serving 13 chips.

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Kettle Brand Potato Chips With a huge variety of flavors on the market these crunchy savory chips are quickly flying off the shelf. It also contains zero sugar which makes it a healthy snack for those who have diabetes. The iconic beer-potato chip combo gets a flavor upgrade with these tasty matchups.

Kettle Brand chips often give off the impression that they have a certain level of health benefits that come from getting kettle cooked. Kettle chips are too hard too edged too committed to a brutality of texture to deliver a balanced gustatory experience. For instance Kettle Brands classic flavor Potato Chips with Sea Salt contains Potatoes safflower andor sunflower andor canola oil sea salt There are 150 calories per serving and 9 grams.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes to. No matter the flavor of the chips the taste nearly always smacks. But given the choice organic kettle chips have better ingredients and they taste WAY yummier not to mention they have less free radicals.

While crispy crunchy potato chips are often thought of as a tasty side for sandwiches chips are rarely considered a health food. Fox Family Chips Amazon. Choosing organic doesnt mean its a nutrient dense food.

At select grocery stores. Compared with regular Kettle Brand Sea Salt potato chips Kettle Brand lower fat chips have 20 fewer calories and three fewer grams of fat Namkoong says. S kettle-style potato chips are where its at.

Kettle-cooked chips are still fried-just in smaller batches of oil to give them that extra-crispy texture. Shockingly the Kettle Brand chip came in toward the bottom of our list due to its calorie-to-chip ratio. Potato chips should be a splurge no matter the brand.

Baked This Kettles brand is baked and seasoned with olive oil which means theres less overall fat and calories compared to most brands. The hearty serving size of 20 thick-cut potato chips. But the sea salt variety is a fat bomb with 14 grams per serving more than a whole tablespoon of butter.

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Kettle excels on all fronts from simple and satisfying options like sea salt and New York cheddar to more complex batches like pepperoncini and fiery Thai.

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