Kettle Chips Good For You

Kettle Brand has plenty of loyal fans and with good reason. Good Health Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips With Sea Salt 20 chips.

Good Health Inc Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips Sea Salt Potato Chips Chips Avocado Chips

The perfect sandwich companion these chips are made with just three ingredients potatoes avocado oil and salt and contain.

Kettle chips good for you. While crispy crunchy potato chips are often thought of as a tasty side for sandwiches chips are rarely considered a health food. If you cant resist the temptation. Compared with regular Kettle Brand Sea Salt potato chips Kettle Brand lower fat chips have 20 fewer calories and three fewer grams of fat Namkoong says.

Kettle chips unlike their continually processed brethren what you might picture when thinking of the standard Lays chip are fried in batches dipped and swirled around in hot oil for longer. Simply these chips contain a short ingredient list. Its about as unpretentious as you can get.

Potatoes are good for you We all know vegetables are healthy and even though the USDA doesnt count potato chips as a serving of vegetables boo the humble potato packs a wallop of potassium. Just because a bag of chips is low-salt doesnt mean its healthy. For instance Kettle Brands classic flavor Potato Chips with Sea Salt contains Potatoes safflower andor sunflower andor canola oil sea salt There are 150 calories per serving and 9 grams.

Kettle-cooked chips are still fried-just in smaller batches of oil to give them that extra-crispy texture. But thats a pretty insignificant bonus. Good Health Olive Oil Kettle Chips with Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt BUY NOW Theres a little more spice in these peppery crisps than your usual potato chip and theyre cooked in 100 olive oil.

S kettle-style potato chips are where its at. Shockingly the Kettle Brand chip came in toward the bottom of our list due to its calorie-to-chip ratio. Youll get extra fiber and nutrition from the veggies in their chips.

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You could argue that kettle chips have a slight edge on account of the lower temperature of the oil as the high temperature of conventional methods oxidizes the cooking oil creating damaging free radicals. Baked versus fried versus kettle-cooked. Just because this product boasts a kettle cooked cooking method does not mean it accounts for a healthier chip.

Kettle-cooked chips are made in batches and dunked into the frying oil whereas a standard potato chip is fried using a conveyer belt When it comes to health and nutrition values the two are similar she explains. Nutritionally they pack 3-4 grams of protein per serving. 150 calories 9 g fat 25 g saturated fat 490 mg sodium 16 g carbs 1 g fiber 1 g sugar 2 g.

Kettle Brand Tropical Salsa Avocado Oil Potato Chips. 150 calories 9 g fat 15 g saturated fat 75 mg sodium 17 g carbs 1 g fiber 0 g sugar 2 g protein Chips that can help make you skinny. These uniquely flavored chips are just one of many on their roster and you wont feel worse for the wear after snacking on a small bowl of them.

6 grams Saturated Fat. While no more healthy than regular chips kettle chips tend to be crispier than their conventional comrades. But thats a pretty insignificant bonus.

Are Low-Salt Chips Bad for You. 150 calories per serving 13 chips. However manufacturers are reducing added sodium and cooking oils in chips turning chips from a high-fat food to a low-fat option.

According to Huffington Post You could argue that kettle chips have a slight edge on account of the lower temperature of the oil as the high temperature of conventional methods oxidizes the cooking oil creating damaging free radicals. If you just want the crunch but dont care whether it comes from a potato or not Terra chips are a seriously great option. The bag of chips youll want to avoid is Herrs Salt Vinegar Potato Chips Per 1 serving.

Of course potato chips of all varieties are great for mindless crunching but theres a reason that kettle chips have ascended so quickly in popularity. Youll save a few grams of fat by choosing baked chips but dont be fooled into thinking kettle-cooked is a more healthful option. Bare Veggie Chips are made from carrot sweet potato or beet which makes them high in fiber.

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