Easy Usage on Dark Circles under Eyes Home Remedies


The dark circle has been a common issue that everyone has to deal with in their daily life. Most of the time, you will be coping it using makeup since you want to cover and hide it from public view. But that is not always effective since you may also need to try and cure the dark circle so your eyes would not become dark all the time, which may also affect your health and your aging sign.

dark circles under eyes home remedies

To cope with this circle and try to cure it you can actually use dark circles under eyes home remedies. By using home remedies and another natural method, you do not need to worry about it anymore. Moreover, you may be also able to be free from getting too much makeup in the morning that you usually do to cover your dark circles.

Before you even try to use home remedies, it will be better for you to change your lifestyle. That is because the dark circle may also come out since you have a bad lifestyle so even when you use home remedies, but if you do not change your lifestyle, then the dark circle will keep coming out more.

First, you need to try getting the right amount of rest since most of the time the dark circle comes out after you could not get enough sleep for a few night, then try to sleep earlier when you have done a tough day which makes you really tired. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume every day that is because the dark circle can also come out after you consume too much alcohol.

Coping With Dark Circle Using Home Remedies as Natural Curer –┬áTry This Natural Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedies


Most people will already know that the dark circle that comes out on your eyes can be reduced using cucumber. Just take a cucumber that you have been store in your refrigerator for the day and took a few slices from it. Lie down on your back or use a reclining chair that able to make you relax. Then out the slices on your eyes for around 15 minutes or until the cold temperature has disappeared. You will feel very fresh after doing it, try to do this at least twice a day to get maximum effect.

Lemon juice

This fruit is known for its vitamin C which available in quite a large number inside. That is why when you want to try to use it on your eyes to reduce the dark color. Try to take the juice and put it in a small bowl. You can try to put the bowl in the refrigerator for a few moments to make the juice cold down. Then put two cotton balls inside the juice to absorb it, put the balls on your dark circle’s area for around 10 minutes. The lemon has properties that able to lighten your skin color, thus making the dark circle also lighten.

Tea bags

Another thing that easy to be found on your home is tea bag which you may drink every day. Now instead of getting rid the bag, you can actually use it to cure your dark circle. Now try to brew two bags of tea then take it out from the water. You may drink the tea if you want, but make sure that you take out the tea bags before you put the sugar inside. Put the bags aside for several minutes to let it cold down, or try to put them in the refrigerator to faster the process. Then just use the bags on your eyes as you usually do with the other method to reduce your dark circles.