Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Bags Treatment for Your Beauty


If you do not know how to erase or make under-eye bags less visible, then you can try to treat them with fillers for under eye bags. Under eye bags can be caused by many factors, some are temporal, and some are permanent such as lack of sleep, seasonal allergy, heredity, facial aging, and so on. Under eye bags can be treated with home remedies that made from natural ingredients, however not all under eye bags can be removed with home remedies especially the one that caused by a permanent factors such as heredity and facial aging. That’s why fillers are accepted to get rid under eye bags or just make them less visible.

fillers for under eye bags

Dermal Fillers for Under Eye Bags

To treat under eye bags, you can try two different dermal fillers: Restylane and Juvederm. These procedures can be an effective solution if you want to reduce or get rid the eye bags. More explanation as follow:

Restylane for under eye bags

Restylane as one of dermal filler procedures will help to erase your tired look by adding the volume back into the upper cheeks and troughs. This way will eliminate the dark color and shadowing that makes your face look tired and run down after the negative contour has been smooth out through dermal filler. The “valley” part can be filled in with injection, but filling this area with such procedure is the most difficult thing, and that’s why you need to get an experienced and skilled doctor to do so. Never try to get this procedure with unskilled and inexperienced injector if you do not want to end with failed result. Anyway, if the doctor can finish it properly, then the outcome of Restylane will be the most satisfying result of any dermal filling. Maybe you want to consider try this one!

Juvederm for under eye bags

This procedure will improve your appearance under the eyes by adds volume to cheeks and even lips. Juvederm itself is made from hyaluronic acid (a substance that occurs naturally inside your skin) in the form of a smooth consistency gel. This gel will help to add volume and hydration. An experienced doctor will help to restore your skin volume by insert Juvederm under the skin. The procedure will get rid facial wrinkles as well as under eye bags effectively.

Juvederm procedure will be done in short time with an immediate result, not need to mention that it also gives the quick time of recovery. Anyway, it also possible to have Juvederm injection with another cosmetic surgery because there are lots of people who are doing so. Besides Restylane, this dermal filler also very popular among aging people and those who want to get rid their eye bags issue.

How about Botox?

Well, maybe you want to ask whether Botox injection will help to reduce eye bags. According to many sources, Botox is used to get rid wrinkles, but it will not correct eye bags, and even some people also said that Botox could worse the bags. So, if you want to use Botox for under eye bags treatment, you should consult the doctor first and ask whether it will be a proper procedure for eye bags.

What do you need to do before take dermal fillers procedure?

Before taking such procedure, you should check to the doctor and ask whether you need dermal fillers or not because not all under eye bags issue need them. The doctor will explain carefully the procedure and the risks when taking it. You can ask whatever that comes in mind and never shy to say anything to the doctor. Last but not least, it is good to read a customer review and ask for some recommendation to decide which experienced doctor that you can depend on to get rid under eye bags.