5 Effective Home Remedies for Dark Eye Circles


Dark circles under eyes can make your appearance look tired and bad; that’s why for quick recovery you can try to apply home remedies for dark eye circles. Home remedies made from natural ingredients, and that’s why you do not need to worry about any risks that may affect your eyes if you used such remedies. However, it is true that not all dark circles can be reduced or removed with home remedies because there are permanent dark circles caused by a health issue, heredity, and other severe factors can only be treated with surgery or other solutions that introduce permanent result.

home remedies for dark eye circles

What are the best home remedies for dark eye circles?

Below are several examples of natural treatment to get rid dark circles or at least make them less visible:

  1. For the fastest result to reduce temporal dark circles which may be caused by lack of sleep, and such as then you can place two slices of cucumbers over your eyes within few minutes and rinse your face with cold water afterward. Alternatively, using two chamomile or green tea bags by soak them in water and the put on your closed eyelids for fifteen minutes. Rinse your face with water, and they will effectively make the dark circles less visible. According to many sources, teabags have anti-inflammatory properties to get rid blemishes.
  2. Well, if above tips do not work well then you can try other natural remedies which the result can be seen for a couple of weeks. Soak two cotton balls in rose water and place them over the eyes for five minutes, do not forget to massage your eyes during the treatment. Before going to bed, you can mix honey and almond oil together and apply the mixture lightly under the eyes at night time. Last but not least, make a paste of lime juice and fresh mint leaves. Use a drop or two drops of lime juice and mix it with mint leaves after you grind them, apply the mixture over the eyes for five minutes. You need to repeat those natural remedies every day if you want to see the result as soon as possible.
  3. Who knows that changing your diet can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles? Yes, the most effective way to reduce dark circles is by change your life habit: you need to drink at least eight glasses per day to make your body stay hydrated which at the end good for skin, do not forget to eat vegetables and fruits, and did you know that barleys, oats, and millets are great for skin and health? Of course, you cannot forget to eat your breakfast to make your skin healthier than ever.
  4. Potatoes just like cucumbers can be used to treat a dark eye circle; that’s why you can make potato puree by blending the vegetable into almost liquid form. Take two cotton balls and soak them in the puree, place the cotton over the eyes for twenty minutes and rinse your face afterward. If there is any puree left then you can keep the excess puree in the refrigerator, the cool temperatures will also help to reduce the dark circles. You can use the excess pure when your dark circles appeared again, but do not keep the puree more than three days.
  5. Honey can also be mixed with milk to get rid dark circles. As natural remedies for dark eyes under the eyes, what you need to do is just make an eye mask from honey and dried milk powder. Apply the mask over the eyes for fifteen minutes and rinse your face with water afterward.