Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes from Natural Ingredients


There are various home remedies for puffy eyes to effectively treat swollen eyes either for crying, allergies, lack of sleep, and much more. These home remedies use natural ingredients which you can get from kitchen ingredients or maybe your yard. Since your skin is so sensitive, especially the one that around the eyes thus you need to deal with puffiness carefully and home remedies can be your best solution due to natural ingredients that do not have any risks.

home remedies for puffy eyes

How to Make Natural Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes?

Well, below is home remedies for swollen eyes treatment and if the puffiness does not go away even after the treatment then you should take extra care such as drink plenty of water and avoid unnecessary salt. So, how to make natural remedies for your puffy eyes?

Cucumber, potato, and apple for eye masks

Cucumber, potato, and apple can be made into eye masks; these will effectively prevent and deal with puffiness. Alternatively, you can slice them and directly place the slices on the eye area. But, you can also use it after blending them with a food processor and then put the mask under the eyes or on closed eyelids, these how you can make them in details:

Things you need to prepare:

  • 1 cucumber, potato, or apple


  1. Take the cucumber and then process it with blender, you can also choose either potato or apple. Next, keep the eye mask inside refrigerator to chill it around twenty minutes.
  2. After the eye mask cool, use your fingertips to apply the mask around eye areas such as under the eyes and closed eyelids. Make sure that the eye mask does not go into your eyes.
  3. Let the mask sit about fifteen to twenty minutes before you clean and rinse your face. You can feel that your eye area is getting fresh and smooth.

These kitchen ingredients have properties to reduce or prevent puffiness, and thus you can depend on the eye masks without some risk.

Tea bags

Tea bags, just like a cucumber, potato, or apple eye mask can be used to treat puffiness due to the tannic acid contained in the tea. Tea bags are also useful to treat red eyes especially if you do not have drops. These how you can make it for more details:

Things you will need to prepare:

  • 2 tea bags


  1. You can use chamomile tea bags, or any kinds of tea bags are fine. Soak them in water and allow the bags to cool or you can just keep them inside the refrigerator. Closed your eyes and then place the damp tea bags on your eyelids, give light pressure to them.
  2. Next, let the tea bags sit on your eyelids about few minutes, try to relax. Take them after the bags warm up, and you can rinse your face with water.

Egg whites

Maybe you do not know yet, but egg whites are effective as one of the best natural remedies for puffy eyes. These how you can make it for more details:

  • 2 eggs


  1. Crack the eggs and separate the egg whites.
  2. Using fork or egg beater or whisk to whip the eggs.
  3. Take the small amount of the fluffy egg whites with your fingertips and then apply it on your closed eyelids and spread it on the eye
  4. Let the egg whites sit around ten minutes before you rinse your face with cool water.

That’s three best home remedies to deal with puffy eyes which you can try. They work within minutes and easy to make. You do not need to worry anymore when waking up with puffy eyes.