How to Conceal Under Eye Bags using Foundation and Concealer?


ye bags can be covered with makeup illusion especially when you have no time to make natural remedies to get rid the bags. The tricks are so easy and what you need to do is prepare all the makeup you need at home. If it is your first time to do makeup concealing, then you should read how to conceal under eye bags tips which we are going to share with you today.

how to conceal under eye bags

Preparation of how to conceal eye bags

First thing first you need to moisturize eye area before put the makeup, and you should apply eye cream over and under your eyes even after you already put the moisturizer. This will prevent the concealer to crease underneath eyes after hours of wear. In addition, you should take concealer which two shades lighter than your foundation; then you need to purchase it as soon as possible for this preparation since if you still use concealer with a similar shade of foundation then it won’t make the area that you try to cover brighter. Extra tips! You can buy concealer with yellow undertones because it will blend better and easy to help lighten the eye area than any other undertones.

Other preparation, of course, the concealer itself and there are a stick, liquid, and cream forms. You can use either one of them to cover the blemishes. But, stick concealer often used for heavier coverage as well as a cream concealer. However, the cream is easy to cake while liquid may work better for a lighter look, even though it crease easier than any other concealers. Moreover, if you do not want to use your fingers to apply the concealer, then you need to prepare clean makeup sponge or brush.

How to conceal under eye bags step by step

Here are the applications you need to do:

  1. Wash your face with your normal face wash to clean any dirt. Pat your face to dry it and then apply the moisturizer lightly. Just like we already mentioned before, do not forget to use eye cream. Wait until both the moisturizer and eye cream dry.
  2. Apply your regular foundation on your face with your normal Let the foundation dry before you put the concealer as well as other makeup. The foundation will give you even-looking skin tone.
  3. Use your fingertip or brush to apply the concealer under your eyes. After that, blend the concealer out with your finger or makeup brush. If you want to put more concealer, then it is okay especially if you are not happy with the result, you can use a clean sponge for this application. You are going to understand why you need to put eye cream during this step if the eye cream did not apply then you will experience that the concealer will be harder to smooth out.
  4. As the last step, you should make sure that the concealer and your makeup already covered the blemishes or eye bags completely. Your bags underneath the eyes should no longer visible or at least smaller.

After hours of wear, you need to check your makeup to make sure that the concealer does not crease or shift. If you see this condition, then you need to use small makeup sponge which you already prepared from home to correct it quickly. However, do not swipe the makeup hard; what you need to do is just clean up the excess concealer in the creases. Moreover, if you do not bring any sponge, then you can use a pinky finger to correct the concealer. Hope these tips work well for your day!