Knowing How to Cover Dark Circles under Eyes for Professional Image


A lot of people are getting dark circles under their eyes these days because the lack of sleep and stress that comes out with their work. But then every time they woke up in the morning, they also need to get rid the dark color around their eyes to maintain the fresh look that needed for their professional appearance. Then how to cover dark circles under eyes perfectly in easy steps? You can actually try to cover and even get rid your dark circles easily using a few simple steps you can learn now.

how to cover dark circles under eyes

Making Professional Appearance without Any Dark Circle under Your Eyes – Here’s How to Cover Dark Circles Under Eyes

Before you can cover the dark circle around your eyes, of course, you will need the right kind of makeup to do it. That is why you can go to a department store where you can find all kinds of concealer to hide the dark circle perfectly. To do that, you might want to search a product that the color is a little bit lighter than your original skin color, down one shade is perfect so it will not be much lighter.

You might also want to find a product that has yellow tint as the color that it creates can perfectly cover the dark color of the circle under your eyes. Try a different product with a different yellow tint to find the perfect color for your skin tone; that is why going to a department store with lots of brands is better than going to a specific brand store since you can try more colors.

Now move on to the application of the concealer to your daily makeup. First is, of course, you need to clean your face. Using face cleanser is essential since it can work to remove the dead skin on your face. Moreover, it will also make the color of your skin to be brighter, so the dark color will also reduce. Do not use hot water since it can make the dark circle worsen, uses cool water instead.

Let your face to dry on itself by air, if it is possible do not dry or rub your face with cloth since it can make the dark circle worse by rubbing it which can also irritate your skin. if you do not have much time, then just blot your face gently but no rubbing.

Now apply your daily lotion that you always use under your makeup. Moisturizer is the perfect thing to use, but if you want to put it on the area around your eyes, then do it very gently. Just put small size dots of the lotion and rub it using your ring finger gently since this finger usually has the weakest power so you would not put too much pressure on the dark circle that can make it worse.

Now it is time to cover it using the concealer that you have purchased before. Just apply it gently as well using a makeup brush or even sponge if you must. Do it starting from the corner of your eyes near your nose bridge then move outward to the site of your eyes. Do not forget to blend the color as you apply it. Now you can see that the circle around your eyes has loosened its dark color and the area will have the same color as another area on your face.

You can now apply the regular makeup that you always use daily to continue your morning routine, try to apply some powder to finish it and make your makeup more perfect. See it is not hard to cover the dark circle using basic makeup.