Learning How to Cover Under Eye Circles Easy Method


Some of you might have under the eye circle that might make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident since your eyes looked tired all the time. The reason why the dark circle comes out under your eyes are varied, but most of the time it is because you have a lack of sleep, but even too much sleep can also cause the area around her eyes to be darker. Another disease such as nasal congestion and even some allergies can also create the circle. But heredity can also cause this symptom thus you may have some dark circle even when you are still very young. Then how to cover under eye circles so you can gain your beautiful appearance once again?

how to cover under eye circles

Learn How To Cover Under Eye Circles to Getting Beautiful Eyes

Of course, makeup will be the number one thing that you can use to cover the circle around your eyes. Some of you might have known that concealer will be able to hide the dark circle perfectly. But first, you must choose the right kind of concealer to use for your skin tone, which is why you must go to a store where you can try out different kinds of product that they have with different kinds of tone. Choosing the shade that will cover the dark shade and create the same tone as your skin tone is important.

There are actually different shades of the dark circle that you have under your eyes. If you have purple shade circle, then try using a product that has a yellow tint to cover it. If the circle has more bluish color, then try using a product that has an orange tint to cover it. But if the circle has rather a brownish color, then try using a product that has a tan tint to cover it. While circle with reddish color will be easily covered using a light blue tint or even green tint product.

You also need to pay attention to the product in detailed as it also needs to be lightweight. This means you do not need to rub the product too hard onto your skin when you apply it. Sometimes the dark circle that you have also come because there are some problems with your blood circulation. When that happen you cannot rub your skin so you must apply the concealer smoothly, thus choosing a lightweight product is essential.

Method to cover the dark circle from under your eyes

  1. Put on your usual foundation the way that you do it normally, do not apply more to the area under the eyes. When you are finished, then you can see the dark area where you need to work on.
  2. Now apply the newly purchased concealer that you get before using a brush or just with your finger, make sure that they are applied evenly in a thin
  3. Pay more attention to the area that is darker than the other area so the shade will be even. They usually available on the corner of your eyes and the area near your nose bridge.
  4. Apply some translucent powder on the area that you have covered with the concealer. This is so the area will not look shiny so just apply a thin layer to blend the area with the rest of your skin tone.
  5. As the finishing touch, you might want to use you’re the concealer that you normally use every day right above the new concealer that you purchase. That way when you use your normal concealer to another area around your face, then the color can blend well together. Continue your makeup, as usual, to really finish your makeup routine.