Learn How to Cover Up Bags under Eyes Completely Perfect


Covering up for the bags that lies under your eyes might already be a routine that you have done every day, but then you might not feel satisfy with the result since it is not perfectly cover the whole thing and there are still several dark colors that visible even after you apply the makeup. Then how to cover up bags under eyes so that the dark color will disappear? There are actually few more steps that you need to add to the steps you usually use, so the bags will completely invincible as the dark color.

how to cover up bags under eyes

Covering Bags under Your Eyes So It Can Be Invincible – Here’s How To Cover Up Bags Under Eyes

  1. Like always do not forget to completely clean your face before using any makeup since you do not want to have excesses oil on your face which makes the makeup not blend completely then the eye bags will not be covered
  2. This next step might not be done by most people since you might not know about it. But actually it is better for you to apply eye cream before you put any makeup on the area of your eye bags since it will help the skin or any crack that available on the spot by filled them in. Moreover, the cream will also moist your eyes area making the bags not too swollen. That way you will get the best area to working on. Moreover, some people tends to use product which is too dry to blend well with your eyes area, then by using this cream you will be prepared for the worse product you might have to use.
  3. After the cream has dry and you ready to put more makeup on top of it, you can try to use some concealer to your eye bags area. It is better when the product has a light form which can easily cover any fine line around the bags that also makes the makeup able to completely cover the bags. Do not forget that the shade of the product also needs to be close to your original skin color; it is better when you can find one with waterproof properties, so your makeup will not ruin by crease by midday.
  4. Alternatively, you can also try to use a hybrid product that combines the concealer with skincare It usually has brush or metal tip so you can easily apply it on the eye bags area around your eyes to cover it. That way you do not only able to cover your eye bags but also able to treat the inflammation that causes the bags to come out on your eyes.
  5. Now it is the time to perfectly blend the concealer to all area of the bags to make it invincible. It will be better when you are using makeup brush since you will be able to control the movement better than when you use your finger. Moreover, you will not apply too much pressure which can be a bad thing for the blood vein. Choose a brush that has a small and flat tip; it is better when the brush is made from synthetic material that can work better with your makeup form.
  6. After your eye bags have completely taken care of, now you can use your makeup in any way you want. Use any eye makeup the way you usually do to make your eyes condition more beautiful.

Do not forget to give treatment to your eye bags as you may want to get rid the bags completely from your eyes and not only to cover them with makeup so your eyes can become more beautiful.