How to Cover up Dark Circles under Eyes with Four Steps


If you already use natural remedies to get rid dark circles, but they did not work then the last thing you can do is cover up the dark circles for an instant solution. How to cover up dark circles under eyes are so easy and what you need to do is just to apply makeup or concealer on the eye area where the dark circles appear. Maybe you do not like to use hard makeup, but just simply touching the eye area will make a huge different. We will give several ideas about how to cover up dark circles which you can try at home. It is fun and easy to do!

how to cover up dark circles under eyes

Step by step how to cover up dark circles under eyes

  1. Conceal: To cover up gray or blue color that lies under your eyes then you should choose one color that lies opposite from color wheel, and that will be the orange color. In addition, types of skin will affect the color that you are going to pick, therefore if you have a medium or maybe darker skin you can use orange or dark peach color while for fair skin, it will be best-using medium to light peach color. Just use your finger if you need to apply a thin coat of concealer in the area directly under your eyes and the concealer should be one or two shades darker than your skin thus it will be work well to cover up your dark circles. To completely cover the blemishes, you can try to use the concealer so in can apply low from your eyes and in the next step it will blend enough, so you do not need to worry if it will appear orange in the first step.
  2. Blend the concealer: You can choose to use foundation or not to blend the concealer well; if you do not want to wear heavy makeup, then you can just go with concealer which has a similar color as your own skin color. Pat the concealer on top of the orange concealer that you already applied before. This will make the orange or peach concealer blend so well and become natural looking. Alternatively, you can use foundation on your entire face, but make sure that you do not brush off orange color or peach concealer underneath since the intention is just for the concealer to blend with the foundation. You can use either sponge or brush or both of them to apply and blend the foundation.
  3. Brighten: If you think that the dark circles are not fully covered, then you can use a lighter color of concealer in order to brighten You need to pick your concealer that has thin form and then choose one color that is a little lighter compared to your original skin. This will help to brighten the area under your eyes. Use a clean brush and apply some dots of concealer under your eyes, make sure it will blend well.
  4. Finishing: You can use face powder afterward, but when you have a problem with dry skin try to skip this step and go with matte eyeshadow two tones lighter compared to your skin. Try to use thin layer right in the area under your eyes when using the concealer. When you still want to apply face powder then do it under the eyes and T-zone. The thin layer of powder will blend well, and you are going to see that the dark circles are completely covered.

That’s several steps to cover up dark circles under eyes which hopefully can help. When choosing some brand of concealer, make sure that it will not easy to cake or crease since you are going to wear it throughout the day. You can also bring some of the makeup to correct the cover up later when you think it starts to fade.