Learn How to Cure a Swollen Eye with Easy Method


Sometimes when you woke up in the morning, then you might notice that your eyes have become swollen because you have some drink the night before or because you do not have enough sleep, then you might get the same bulging bags on your eyes. So how to cure a swollen eye so you can get your fresh eyes once again? You can actually use a lot thing that you can easily find at your home to cure this symptom. That is called home remedies since the things are normally used at home for a lot of things that you usually used every day.

how to cure a swollen eyehow to cure a swollen eye

How to Cure a Swollen Eyes with Natural Things You Find At Home

First, you need to take care of your own body, which is why you can try to drink the right amount of water that the body need. That is because sometimes the swollen eyes come from dehydration on your body, so you need to make sure that your body gets enough liquid for its health. It is better if you can drink around 2 liters of water every day to maintain your body hydration.

Try to avoid some food that can cause swelling which can make your eyes more puffy than normal. Drinking alcohol the night before is the common thing that most people already know. But you should also know that drinking coffee will also give the same effect since it has caffeine inside. Moreover, if you eat food that contains too much salt, it can make your body retain too much water then it will make the vein on your eyes bloated thus create the puffy eyes.

Try to make your head position higher than your body as this will reduce the swollen eyes. Use the right size pillow so it can also hold your neck better. Thus you will get better sleep. Enough sleep is also needed if you want the swollen eyes to go away, that is why when you feel a lot of fatigue, then it is better for you to go to bed earlier as this will help your eyes not to become swollen in the morning.

If you already get some puffy eyes, then you must use several home remedies to cure it. First, you can use cold cucumber slice which you put on top of your closed eyelid while you lie down for around 15 minutes. Done this right before you go to bed and right after you wake up the next morning. You will notice that your eyes will become less puffy in the morning, and if you do this regularly, you might be able to completely cure the swollen eyes you get back your bright eyes.

If you prefer something warm than using something warm rather than cold one, you can also try to use a tea bag. Some people will say that it is better to use the bag when it is cold, but for some people, the warm temperature that comes from the tea bag will be more relaxing thus you can cure the swollen eyes as well, do this in the same method as the above one.

If you really need something quick, then you may also use some medical to cure your swollen eyes. There are several soothing gels which create especially to be used on swollen eyes. You can get it from the cosmetic department or even drug store as it is actually very common medicine. Apply them to your eyes regularly to see the soothing effect that able to cure your swollen eyes. That way you will notice how your eyes will come back to its normal flat size.