How to Getting Rid Of Dark Circles for Men Tips and Tricks


Dark circles can be a problem not only for women but also men and they will make your face appear run down and tired. Of course, you need to know how to get rid of dark circles for men. In fact, the tips which we want to give to reduce or to make the dark circles less visible can be tried for women and men, however before that you should know the causes of dark circles.

how to get rid of dark circles for men

Dark Circles Causes

The area around your eyes is sensitive and thus you need to treat it carefully and when you see that the dark circles appear, you should know the cause first before determining dark circles treatment. Below may be the reasons of why you get dark circles, some are temporal, and some may be permanent:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Allergy
  3. Heredity
  4. Smoking and drink alcohol
  5. Medical problems
  6. Hyperpigmentation
  7. Facial aging
  8. Consume caffeine, and so on.

There are still lots of dark circles cause which you should know besides the list above and if you do not know the reason of why your dark circles appear then you should ASAP check to the doctor. Now, move to the kinds of treatments which you can do to get rid dark circles.

How to Getting Rid Of Dark Circles for Men?

Men can experience dark circles, and there are natural remedies, over-the-counter medicines, and even surgery procedure to get rid dark circles. However, we want to give some tips for you to make the dark circles less visible at home such as:

  1. Cold compress: If your dark circles are caused by puffiness then you need cold compress to reduce the puffy eyes. You can soak a clean towel in cold water and then use it to compress your closed eyelids, alternatively using two metal spoons and use the back to compress the eyes area for few minutes. You can also use cucumber slices by placing them over the eyes to get rid puffy eyes which caused dark circles.
  2. Eye Cream: You can purchase an eye cream at drug stores or department stores to reduce dark circles. You can also consult a doctor for proper eye cream which suitable to be used for your dark circles. For example, an eye cream that contains vitamin E good for the eye In addition, you can talk to the local pharmacist for over-the-counter eye creams.
  3. Hydrate: Maybe you can call it prevention since many people do not get enough fluid intake, and thus dark circles forming. Whether you already suffered from dark circles or not, but you should make sure that at least you drink eight glasses of water per day and if you do not like plain water, then you can add a spritz of lemon for refreshing taste.
  4. Sleep: For dark circles caused by lack of sleep then you cannot get rid such issue if you still do not get enough rest. That’s why you can try natural remedies to get rid dark circles under eyes for men plus make sure that you have enough sleep at least eight hours per day.
  5. Cover up: You can apply a cover-up to conceal the dark circles, just find such thing at retail stores or even drug stores. For dark circles caused by heredity and cannot be removed with only home remedies nor eye creams then you can cover up them. Not only women to do this, by the way.

If you are feeling insecure with you appearance due to the dark circles, you can conduct some under eyes surgery. Of course, before you are really done it, you need to consult a doctor and ask whether your dark circles really needed such treatment.