Application of Best Makeup for Dark Circles You Must Do


We all know that dark circles are really disturbing, that is why a lot of people use the best makeup for dark circles so they can cover it. But sometimes, even though they use the best product, they still do not know how to do it. There are actually things that you need to do, so you can bring out the best properties from the makeup thus making your face covered best from the dark circle. That way you can hide the dark circles that might come because of aging sign or fatigue that you experience the night before. Let us learn the secret here.

best makeup for dark circles

The Secret to Use the Best Makeup for Dark Circles So You Can Cover It Perfectly

The first secret is to use cream type concealer instead of the other types, which is because this type of concealer is creamy and moist which is good since it can cover the dark circle perfectly. When you use a concealer which is too dry especially when you already has dry skin, then it cannot fill in the crack and fine lines that might be available in the area around your eyes. That is why light cream concealer will be the best makeup that you should use to cover your dark circles.

Some of you might not like the idea to use concealer since that means you will need to add more product to your makeup which already heavy. When that is the case, then you can actually use the foundation that you always uses every day to replace the concealer function. Just take some and put it on your hand for a while so it can be oxidized, that way you will see that the color of the foundation will become thicker since the oxidation has made their pigment build up. But when you use cream type foundation, then you can easily cover several layers to the area around your eyes which has a dark color to cover it as the concealer would do.

Do not forget that you need to choose concealer which has more of yellowish tint since this kind of color can help you to cover the bluish color that often visible on the dark color. With that way, you can eliminate the bluish color on the vein and make the skin color smooth and flawless as the other part of your face skin.

Most people who use the concealer will make a huge mistake by covering the entire eyes area with the product.  But actually you do not need to do this since the area which does not develop dark color does not need to be covered. So just put the product on the area which affected by the dark color. Usually, the color will occur on the area which near to your nose bridge then it wills goes down towards to the upper cheek area. And that is the only area where you should put the concealer on.

Put dots of concealer to the area that we have mentioned before using a small makeup brush. Then you can try to blend the corner of the concealer to the rest of the area using a makeup sponge. Some people will try to do this way before they do anything to their eyes area. But if you really want to bring out the best properties of your makeup, then it will be better for you to apply your concealer after you have done with your foundation and even after you have put makeup on your eyes. Then spray some water to the area to lighten the makeup a bit, or you can also use face tonic if you have any.