How to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness Naturally?


Puffy eyes can cause your face looks tired and worn out; that’s why you need to know how to get rid of eye puffiness naturally and instantly. The eye area is very sensitive, and thus you can wake up in the morning with swollen eyes without knowing the reason of why. There are several factors that can cause puffiness such as:

  1. Lack of sleep: Maybe you realize that you do not have enough sleep and that’s why in the morning you get puffiness. Lack of sleep can be the factor of swollen eyes, even though it is temporal, but you still need to treat this.
  2. Dehydration: This is one of the main causes of swollen or puffy eyes; staying hydrated will prevent puffiness.
  3. Allergies: Another factor is allergies, maybe you have allergies to dust, plants, animals, and such as that can make the eye area swelling.
  4. Stress: Stress may be the reason of you crying, or upset and then more blood will flow to the eye area and cause puffiness.
  5. Fluid retention: One example of fluid retention can happen due to hormonal changes such as woman’s period.
  6. Heredity: If you have a tendency to develop puffy eyes due to heredity then there is a surgical way to get rid or reduce this issue.
  7. Illnesses: There are some illnesses which can make the eyes swelling and if you cannot guess the reason of your puffy eyes then you should go to the doctor.

how to get rid of eye puffiness

How to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness Quickly?

Simply you need to try several instant tips to reduce and get rid eye puffiness such as:

  1. Ice water and towel: Wake up in the morning with puffy eyes can be bothersome and that’s why you can just take a clean towel and prepare ice water. Soak the towel in ice water and squeeze the water out, use the towel to compress your swollen eyes with light pressure. Repeat the process until you think that the swelling is gone.
  2. Tea bags: Take two chamomile tea bags and soak them in water, put the tea bags over the eyes and let them sit on your closed eyes around fifteen to twenty minutes. Tea contains properties which can help to reduce puffiness and alternatively, you can brew a cup of tea and use cotton balls by soak them in it. Place the cotton balls about fifteen or twenty minutes on closed eyelids before you rinse your face with cool water.
  3. Teaspoons: With only two metal teaspoons, you can quickly reduce eye puffiness. Just take two teaspoons and keep them in refrigerator or freezer to make it chill. Next, place the teaspoons over the eyes and wait until the spoons warm up. You may need to repeat this process over and over again until you think that the puffiness is gone.
  4. Ice bags: People also like to use small ice bags to treat puffy eyes by place the two eye bags on closed eyes and wait until for few minutes.
  5. Cucumber and potatoes eye masks: Pick either one and use food processor or blender to make eye mask from cucumber or potatoes. Place the eye mask on closed eyelids or under the eyes and wait about fifteen to twenty minutes. Alternatively, you can put cucumber or potato slices over the eyes and let them sit few minutes. Just like tea, both the vegetables contain properties to help diminishes the puffy eyes.

If you do not know how to get rid puffy eyes after crying or lack of sleep quickly then you can try these steps above. In addition, these instant tips may not help for puffiness caused by illness or heredity, and that’s why to talk to a doctor for more solutions.