3 Simple Ways How to Get Rid of Milia Under Eyes


Milia which also known as milk spots are yellowish or small white bumps that commonly appear under the eyes. In addition, they also can occur on the nose, cheeks, chest, and forehead. Officially, Milia are harmless keratin-filled cysts which considered unsightly. Newborn babies are quite common severe from this issue while the adult is no exception, although the milia will disappear after few weeks. In the adult, the milia can stay even for months or years. If concern about how to get rid Milia under eyes then you can try some tips below.

how to get rid of milia under eyes

How to Get Rid of Milia Under Eyes Quickly

Before you want to treat your Milia either with natural remedies or surgical things, you need to consult the doctor at first. The area around eyes is very sensitive, and that’s why you cannot be surprised if some topical products or effective scrubs can irritate the eyes themselves. That’s why; some experts said that it would be good if you take professional treatment to treat the Melia. Anyway regardless that suggestion, below are several examples of good Milia treatment which you can do such as:

  1. Honey:

Honey can be combined with other natural ingredients to get rid Milia as well as exfoliate the skin. Honey is believed to have properties which effectively can remove Milia under eyes, and they are humectants and antioxidant. There are three ways that you can do to use honey as Milia Treatment:

  • Apply raw honey directly on your face and use it as a face Wait for few minutes and then rinse your face with water. Do these steps regularly until you see that the Milia are reduced or removed.
  • Mix two tbsp. Of honey with one teaspoon of jojoba oil, apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes before you rinse your face with water. If you want to see to result soon, then you can repeat this treatment for three to four times per week.
  • If you want to try to scrub the Milia, then you can add three tbsp of oatmeal and one tbsp of granulated sugar in above mixture. Use it to scrub the Milia gently, and you can repeat this process once or twice per week until the problem is gone.
  1. Facial sauna

A facial sauna can be used for effective Milia treatment. You can do this sauna at home by prepare clean towel and soak it in warm water. Squeeze the water out and place it for few minutes on your face, repeat this process for a couple of times. You can do this treatment daily for a week or more until the Milia are reduced. The facial sauna will help to open the pores and remove dead skin as well as clean the Milia. Alternatively, just steam your face for fifteen or twenty minutes. Apply castor oil or apple cider vinegar, afterward.

  1. Sugar scrub

Using sugar scrub can help to exfoliate skin and reduce Milia, olive oil, as well as lemon juice in this treatment also, can be used to make the skin brighter and softer.

  1. Take 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 piece of lemon and squeeze out the juice, mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil and two tbsp. Of granulated sugar.
  2. Use the mixture to gently scrub your face skin especially in the area where the Milia are forming for few minutes.
  3. Leave it for twenty minutes and wash your face with water afterward.
  4. You can repeat this treatment for twice a week for few months and see whether the scrub works well against the Milia.

That’s several natural treatments which you can do easily at home.