How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes in the Morning Instantly?


Maybe you wake up in shock after see your eyes swollen without any reason, but the first thing you need to do is how to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning thus you can just get out from bed to work with ease. Well, in fact, puffy eyes can cause by many factors and may be below is one of the reasons of why your eyes suddenly were swollen.

how to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning

Why you Get Puffy Eyes in the Morning?

Certain reasons can be the factors such as:

  1. Allergies: Maybe you have some allergies which make your eyes swollen or puffy. A person who suffers from puffiness may experience itching, redness, and swelling. Of course, you need to treat it properly with over-the-counter medicine or maybe natural remedies.
  2. Hormones: Change of hormones can cause puffiness and maybe you ever suffered from this issue when you are pregnant, for example. Hormone levels increase and make the body retain fluid around the eyes. That’s the simple explanation for it.
  3. Genes: This factor is rare, but it does not mean it is impossible and according to experts, person genes can allow puffiness due to hereditary.
  4. Lack of sleep: This factor is the most popular reason of why you get swollen eyes.

Some Consideration

Puffy or swollen eyes normally not a medical problem; according to Mayo Clinic, they are often just a cosmetic issue. That’s why Mayo Clinic suggests to raising our head when we sleep to prevent or to reduce the likelihood of puffy eyes when waking up in the morning. For some extra tips, if you ended with puffy eyes you can treat them with several remedies either by make home remedies for puffy eyes or over-the-counter medications.

How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes in The Morning?

Try these remedies to treat your swollen eyes instantly in the morning:

  1. Washcloth: You can treat the puffy eyes by soaking the cloth in cool water, and the squeeze the water out or simply just wash your face with cool water, but concentrate it on your eyes. The cool water will reduce the swelling and work instantly.
  2. Spoons and ice water: You need to prepare two teaspoons and then soak them in ice water. Let the spoons sit in water until they are chill or wait for 1 minute. Take them out and place them on your closed eyelids, this will reduce the swelling by providing additional constriction to the blood
  3. Small ice bags: You can prepare two small ice bags and put them over each eye. Just like the cool teaspoons, small ice bags will reduce the puffy eyes. What you need to do is just relax while enjoying the ice cooling down the swollen eyes area.
  4. Tea bags: Take two chamomile tea bags, chamomile tea properties will help to soothe the swollen eyes, and its gentle effect will work well on sensitive skin. You can dump the tea bags with cool water or simply keep them in the refrigerator. Place the cool tea bags on closed eyelids and wait about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  5. Cucumber and potatoes: Make natural remedies for puffy eyes using cucumber or potatoes. Place the mask around eyes area and under the eyes.
  6. Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil: Use these two ingredients to make eye gel by mix them together and apply the gel on your eyes area before going to bed. The gel will prevent puffy eyes in the morning and it also prevents fine lines plus crows-feet under the eyes.

You can also sleep by cover your eyes with sleeping eye mask which useful to prevent morning puffy eyes. Enjoy all these solutions!