Learning How to Hide Under Eye Bags to Save Your Makeup


A lot of people gets the problem with bags under their eyes, no matter how old you are, even young ones can also get those bags. That is because the vessels on the area under your eyes have been enlarged and the thin skin could not cover it well, so it will create a bag form that you hate the most. Then how to hide under eye bags? It is actually very simple; you can always use help from makeup to hide it when they come since the bag is not always there if the reason of your eye bags is because of the tired day you experience the night before.

how to hide under eye bags

Using Makeup as Your Life Saver for Bags under Your Eyes to Be Invincible – Here’s How to Hide Under Eye Bags Easily

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to clean your face thoroughly since your face needs to be free from all kinds of dirt that can prevent the makeup to blend perfectly with your skin. Use your own face wash the way you always do it every day, and then put your daily moisturizing cream lightly on your face. That way you have created the best canvas for working on your makeup in the next steps.
  2. Now before you putting the concealer on the area under your eyes, it is very important to choose a suitable shade of concealer that will cover the bags perfectly. So not only the color need to be in matching shade with your skin, but it should also be able to cover the shade that created by the bag. That is why it is important to know about the shade that created by the bag and what kind of color that able to cover it. For example, if you get reddish shade on your eye bag then you can try to use a concealer that has more of green color over it. But if the bags has dark looking shade, then you can try using a concealer that has more of purple color on it. While if you get blue shade on the bag then yellow color work well.
  3. Now after you get the right color, it is time to even out the shade of your face skin. To do that, you just need to use your regular foundation as it must have worked great for your skin. Do not leave any patches on your skin but do it full on your face.
  4. Now after the skin tone is ready, it is time to hide the bags. Uses the concealer that you have chosen before and apply it to the area of the bags using your own finger or any makeup brush if you will. Make sure that you blend the concealer perfectly so you would not see any makeup area on it.
  5. Now take a few foundations and apply it directly on top of the area that you have applied the concealer at. Blend it well so your eye bag will be hidden perfectly or at least they will become smaller.
  6. Last you just need to apply your makeup the way you want it as now your face has become perfect.

Choosing the concealer and the way you blend it is the very important thing to be used in these steps. The result depends on the eye bag itself, if the bag is too large, then this method will be able to make it looked smaller so you would not be able to see it if you do not pay attention closely. But then if the bag is small and only has a dark color, you can perfectly hide it so no one can see it.