Learn the Steps on How to Hide Under Eye Circles with Dark Color


If you have under eyes circles then you may want to try giving it treatment so it can be reduced so it will not become dark again. But of course the treatment will need some time to work, which is why you might want to try hiding it. But then how to hide under eye circles? You can actually work on your makeup which then able to hide the dark color that makes the circles comes hidden. That way you will not get any circles anymore thus your face will be fresh and appear younger, which is important for your image.

how to hide under eye circles

Covering the Dark Circles That Comes Out under Your Eyes – How to Hide Under Eye Circles? Just Follow These Below Here

First thing that you need to do is to create a base that used to make your makeup smooth and flawless. That is why you need to use moisturizer before using anything else, this steps is used so your skin will still be nourish under all the makeup you use. Then you need to apply primer at the next steps so you can create smooth surface, this is why you need to make sure that the primer has been applied evenly to all surface of your face.

Now it is time to choose the concealer you need to hide out the dark circle that often comes out on your skin. Try to choose one product which has lighter shade compared to your original skin color. That way the color can even up the dark circles thus hiding it perfectly over it. It is best to choose concealer that is in cream form as it is will be easier to work on compared to the other form, thus you can even the color on the area under your eyes easier and your eyes will be perfect once again.

For application use a small makeup brush and take the cream to put dots on the area of dark circles which lies under your eyes. Make sure that the dots are position near to each other so they can cover the circles perfectly but do not try to smear them since it will look unnatural. Using your ring finger you can try to tap the dots lightly to make them even to the area thus covering the dark color on the circle and hides it perfectly under the makeup you use.

If you have circle that is very dark so the previous steps will not work well, then you must add several steps to make the cover work well for the circles. The addition that you need to add is by using corrector which you can try to apply on the area which too dark thus making it a little bit brighter than before. That way the next steps will work better. However you must remember to use them to the area near your eyelashes as well, and work it to the corner of your eyes that near to your nose bridge since it will be the darkest area that you need to lighten.

For this kind of dark color circles, then you need to use different kinds of concealer which has more of yellowish tint so it will work better for your skin color and makes the covering easier to be done. You just need to apply this kind of concealer the way you apply the previous concealer.

Now you have perfectly cover the area that dark and form circles under your eyes, try to apply some loose powder to make it better and appear natural. Even though you have hide the dark circle that you have, but you should not forget to give treatment so it can be reduced and even disappear forever.