How to Make Puffy Eyes Go Away with Several Alternatives


If you want to get rid puffy eyes, then you should try home remedies since such treatment does not have any risk due the natural ingredients which used in the recipes. How to make puffy eyes go away with natural treatment often applied for temporal puffy eyes caused by lack of sleep, crying, seasonal allergies, and such as. But, if you think that the puffiness won’t go away with only natural ingredients then you may need to think the second solution such as over-the-counter medicines and even cosmetic surgery.

how to make puffy eyes go away

How to make puffy eyes go away with home remedies?

Here several tips to get rid puffy eyes with home remedies such as:

  1. Clean towel and ice water: When you wake up in the morning and found out that your eyes were swollen without knowing the reason then you may need to compress them with clean towel and ice water for temporal treatment. Just soak the towel in ice water and squeeze the water out, use the towel to compress the puffy eyes with light pressure. Repeat the process until you think that the swelling is reduced bit by bit. Alternatively, you can also use two cotton balls and just done similar process above by place the cotton balls over the eyes and wait about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  2. Tea bags: Either tea bag is fine, but chamomile and green tea bags could be the best two since they contain properties that effectively reduce the puffiness and makes your eyes turn into normal size with Just soak two tea bags in water and place them over the eyes while waiting about fifteen to twenty minutes for the properties to work. You can also drew a cup of tea and soaked two cotton balls in the tea and put the cotton balls on closed eyelids. Rinse your face with cold water afterward.
  3. Cucumbers: Using cucumber for natural remedies to get rid puffy eyes is common, and people like to place two slices of cucumber over the eyes and wait around fifteen to twenty minutes for the cucumbers to work reduce the swollen eyes. Besides cucumber, both apple and potatoes can also be used and you can make some eye mask from these vegetables and fruit. When you make an eye mask, using your fingertips apply the mask under the eyes or closed eyelids carefully and make sure it does not get into your eyes.
  4. Teaspoons: Easy and cheap, that’s the benefit of using metal teaspoons to reduce the puffy eyes. Keep two teaspoons in refrigerator or freezer to make it chill and then place the spoons over the eyes. Wait until they warm up and see whether the swollen area is getting smaller, you may need to repeat the process until the skin back to the original size.
  5. Egg white: Crack some eggs and beat a few egg whites, apply it around your eyes with fingertips or brush and wait about twenty minutes before you rinse your face with cold water. Egg white will help your eyes less puffiness and tighten the skin.

Over-the-counter treatments and surgery

Over-the-counter treatments such as eye cream or eye gel might be your second solution if the natural remedies do not work and you can easily find them at drugstores or department stores. Surgery may become your last attempt to remove the puffy eyes, especially if the cause of swollen eyes due to a health issue. But, you need to consult the surgeon before you decide to go with it and find out what is the reason for your puffy eyes. Well, hope all these tips work to reduce puffy eyes and even dark circles under the eyes.