Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job 2019

Alexa Ray Joel nose job rumor finally has been responded by the singer herself. She said in the past that she had done one nose job, but that’s it. Although, she is not only accused of having another plastic surgery besides rhinoplasty and she just responded by said that all of that transformation is the result of stage makeup and a push-up bra. Yes, she also has breast implant procedure. She denied having one, and as for the nose job, it seems after the singer admitted that she did it then it does not make a rumor anymore since, in fact, it is true.

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Before And After Pictures 2018

alexa ray joel nose job before and after before and after pictures 2018


Alexa Ray Joel Before And After Nose Job 2018

Did Alexa Ray Joel Have Nose Job?

Has Alexa Ray Joel had Nose Job? The statement about plastic surgery from Billy Joel only daughter is continued. She said that she did rhinoplasty about three or four years ago and that’s the absolute extent of the surgeries she ever had. The rumor about her have plastic surgery itself started to spread when many blogger and gossip sites compared Alexa Ray plastic surgery before after pictures and accused her of having multiple plastic surgeries in the past to alter her look, and that is why she got such a drastic change. Of course the before after photos also talk about how her nose shape appears different compared with her appearance in the previous days. Hearing those comments and rumors, Alexa Jay boiled up and state that she is never did multiple surgeries except for rhinoplasty, she added that she did not even dye her hair.

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job Before and After 2018 Comparison – It’s true!

So, the rhinoplasty which taken by Alexa Ray happen in 2010, and she openly talks about the reason behind her decision to took the procedure. She said that she feels insecure with her own nose and she already thought about such procedure for years, and finally, she did it. She mentioned that her nose is always bothered her before she has had work done. She wants to be pretty and to achieve the appearance that she wants to have; she did rhinoplasty procedure in order to enhance and fix the nose. Alexa added that she indeed wants to do a nose job, but she does not intent to have other plastic surgeries or mess with another part of her body.

Alexa Ray suggested taking the procedure earlier. However, she said she wants to go under the knife right after she was in a better place. Just for reminder, she ever had a scandal about overdoses on pills to harm her own body; so maybe she wanted to recover first before took nose job. Anyway, if you want to see a clear transformation on her nose shape then let’s tries to compare her before after nose job photos. From the moment you saw it, you will know that she looks like everybody else in Hollywood right now, you know those pinched and high nose.

An old picture of Alexa before surgery shows that she has a bulbous nose on the tip which makes her nose appears large and huge. Wide nostril also can be seen on the photos, and the bridge is a bit flat. Recent pictures of her show different state, she has slimmer and smaller nose shape, and the tip plus the bridge is narrower. She has typical Hollywood plastic surgery for a nose job, and the result is well done because she looks prettier.

Beside nose job, Alexa also accused for other surgeries procedures such as cheek implant, eye lift, breast implant, and filler. The expert also agrees that Alexa is done those surgeries, although the singer definitely said no to such procedures. How about you? Do you believe that Miss Joel does not have other procedures besides rhinoplasty just like what she said to the media?

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