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How to Getting Rid of Dark Circles Overnight Naturally


Dark circles can give a bad appearance, and you need to get rid them as soon as possible, anyway, if you are in a hurry, then you can remove the dark circles overnight, and that’s possible. How to get rid of dark circles overnight with natural remedies are very popular, of course, you cannot remove dark circles which caused by a medical issue, heredity, and others permanent factors. That’s why if your dark circles cannot be removed with only eye creams and home remedies then you should consult a doctor. Here are some things which you can do to get rid or at least make the dark circles less visible.

how to get rid of dark circles overnight

How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles Overnight? Just Use These Natural Remedies

What you need to prepare:

  • Tea bags
  • Metal spoons
  • Cucumbers
  • Clean towel
  • Cold water
  • Concealer and foundation
  • Vitamin K cream

How to do it:

  1. Use two tea bags; you can use green tea or chamomile tea bags which believed to have properties that can reduce dark circles properly. Soak them in water and place them over the eyes for few minutes, rinse your face afterward. Alternatively, you can brew a cup of tea and then soak two cotton balls in it, put them on your closed eyelids to reduce the dark circles. You are going to see the result soon.
  2. Who knows that with metal spoons you can quickly get rid dark circles overnight. Use two metal teaspoons and keep them in the refrigerator to make them chill. After back, place the back of the spoons to compress your eyes area. You may need to repeat this procedure until you see the dark circles less visible.
  3. Cucumbers are popular remedies to treat dark circles. Just put two slices of cucumber over the eyes and wait for few minutes. The cucumbers certainly can reduce the dark circles and get rid your tired look. Rinse your face with cool water afterward. Besides cucumbers, apple and potatoes are also work well against dark circles.
  4. The easiest thing to treat your dark circles is by compress your eyes with cold water. Soak a clean towel in cold water and squeeze out the water, use it to compress your face for few minutes. The cold water will refresh your eyes and reduce the dark circles.
  5. If the natural remedies cannot work to treat the dark circles overnight, then the best thing that you can do is to cover them with makeup application. Makeup such as concealer and foundation can be used to cover the blemishes; both combinations are good, but you can also use concealer without foundation if you do not want to take a heavy Make sure that the makeup blends well and pick a concealer that one or two shades are lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply it right under your eyes, check and correct the makeup after long use.
  6. There are many popular eye creams at markets which you can purchase such as vitamin K cream. You can apply the eye cream before you take a bed and the dark circles will be removed For maximum use, in the morning you can also apply it for the second time.

To prevent dark circles coming back then elevate your head with a pillow when you sleep at night. Just place an extra pillow under your help in order to prevent dark circles and puffy eyes; it also will prevent the liquid pools under the eyes. In addition, drinking enough water to stay hydrated also dark circles prevention method which you can do. All these steps seem to not difficult to do, right?

Choosing Plastic Surgery for Bags under Eyes Treatment


Surgery for bags under eyes can permanently get rid the bags and even though the cost is more expensive than natural remedies for eye bags, but many people prefer this method since they want to remove the bags which cannot be reduced by only home remedies. The cost of removing eye bags with surgery are varied which depend on the surgery types you want to have. Today we are going to give several tips when you want to have surgery for bags and how you can do it properly with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

surgery for bags under eyes

About Surgery for Bags Under Eyes

Eye bags can make you look tired and sick thus you need to remove them as soon as possible if you want to appear better. There are some important explanations regarding surgery for bags such as:

Cause of eye bags

There are many causes of eye bags such as allergies, fatigue, thyroid issues, obesity, and so on. But, the most popular reason is aging because the facial muscle weakens and thus eye bags appeared. With surgery, aging people can quickly remove the eye bags. There are Lower and above eye bags which you can do.

Lower eye bags surgery

Lower eye bags surgery is medically called Blepharoplasty. The standard procedure is going like this: the patient is given general anesthesia, and after that, the surgeon will give small incision right under the lower eyelash to remove the excess tissue. Most people who take such procedure have a goal to refresh and keep their youthful look; the fat and skin are carefully repositioned to restore the youthful contour. However, if you want to get rid dark circles, wrinkles around the eye, and droopy eyelids then this procedure does not include such thing.

Above eye bags surgery

Besides surgery for lower eye bags, you can also remove eye bags over the eyes. To remove the droopiness, people require brow lift which starts by makes some incision on the scalp or hairline. The surgeon will use the telescopic instrument to pull the skin taught, but there is no excess skin removed. This procedure will make both the eyelids and eyebrows appear elevated and thus make your face more youthful. Alternatively, people also like to use Botox injection in order to get rid less severe eye bags over the eye. Generally, this injection will last around four months; the doctor will inject the skin above the eyelid, and it will paralyze your muscle and create a smoother look.

Surgery for eye bags risk

Even though it is rare, but after surgery, some patient may experience infection, blurred vision, and dryness eyes. In addition, surgery can also make the patient have difficulty closing their eyes when they are going to sleep. Before the healing is complete, slight asymmetry may occur in the appearance. The area of the surgery will swell for few weeks, and your surgeon may give you some ointment to apply to support the healing process, the wound also needs regularly to be cleaned.

How to do Eye Bags Surgery Properly?

You need to check the cause of eye bags because not all eye bags need to be removed with surgery, some temporal eye bags can be reduced with natural remedies. Next, consult the cosmetic surgeon or doctor and give your health record to analyze the cause of your eye bags. The result will determine what types of surgery you will have, and you can make an appointment for that. You may get laser resurfacing treatments, intense pulsed light therapy, and such as to remove the bags. That’s several tips to do eye bags surgery properly which hopefully can help you.

Learn to Use Makeup for Bags under Eyes Step by Step


Bags under eyes might be a terrifying symptom to have in the old days since you cannot do anything about it then. But today, there is a lot of makeup for bags under eyes that you can use to hide the dark color on the bags thus making the bags becomes less visible. That is why people do not have to worry about getting too much drink that can cause the bags or lack of sleep which may also produce it. Moreover, people that inherited this symptom will get the best benefits from the makeup.

makeup for bags under eyes

Using Makeup to Getting Rid the Bag Which Often Comes Out Under Eyes

First, you need to find the right makeup that you can use to get rid the bags. Concealer is the best use since this can really cover the dark circle better than foundation. But remember you need to choose the right shade for it as you want your skin to appear natural. Since the area on the bags of your eyes is becoming darker than your original skin tone, then you must choose a product which is lighter than your original skin tone. One shade lighter will do as this can make the dark color lighter thus making it the same with your original skin tone.

Steps to apply the makeup for bags under eyes

  1. Clean your face thoroughly; it is the first method that everyone must do whenever they want to apply makeup to your face. That way any dirt and oily skin can come off since they can disturb the application of makeup, so it will not become smooth.
  2. To smoothen your face for easy makeup application, you must apply your foundation, just do it the way you usually do every day to create the best canvas which you can work on then.
  3. Take a small makeup brush then use it to apply the concealer to your eye bags. Put small dots on the area from near your nose bridge then move on to the side. Pay extra attention to the hollow part that lies in your eyes corner area near to your nose bridge. In this area, there are some blue veins which have become darken, so you may need to lighten the color by applying the dots to follow this veins. Make sure that the dots is applied without any space between it, so all area will be covered by your concealer.
  4. Next is to use your ring finger to slowly blend the concealer, just apply a small pressure to the dots which then blend it. Even though you feel awkward using this finger, do not use another finger as the other one will give more pressure than this finger.
  5. Still using your ring finger, swap the concealer from the corner outward to blend them with the other area. See if you miss any spot, then use powder to finish your makeup and keep them in place.
  6. You can then use your makeup anyway you like since now your eyes does not have any bags then you can use beautiful color eye makeup which can make your eyes sharper.

Do not forget that you need to use other things to try reducing the bags and might even completely get rid of it. There are a lot of natural remedies which can be used every day in your home that can make the bags smaller. Then you only need to use the makeup as a temporary solution when the bags comes out, then use the remedies as a permanent solution to remove the bags and get your complete beauty back the way it used to be.

5 Recipes of Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes


You can try to deal with swollen or puffy eyes using makeup touch or surgical way such as eyelid surgery, but the healthiest is always natural remedies for puffy eyes. With natural remedies you can effectively reduce or even removing puffy eyes which caused by many reasons such as crying, allergies, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and so on.

natural remedies for puffy eyes

There are several benefits why you need to use natural remedies instead of surgery or makeup skills. First thing first, you do not need to spend a lot of money just for expensive eyelid or even cream. Second, you can easily make natural remedy with kitchen ingredients that you never think will be useful to get rid puffy eyes. And third, of course, you already guessed that natural remedies could effectively remove or reduce the swollen eyes without a risk. You know, not all eyelid surgery will bring you successful outcome, and there are people ended with an odd look or should still deal with their puffiness even after the procedure.

The Best Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

We are going to give you home remedies for puffy eyes recipes which you can try to reduce the swollen eyes. What you need to do is just to look at your kitchen and find the ingredients, some recipes also need to use ingredients in your yard, so basically all the ingredients are natural and not cause any danger on your face.

Things you will need to prepare:

  • Tea bags
  • Ice
  • Cold milk
  • Cucumber, potato or apple slices
  • Cold spoons
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Aloe Vera gel

How to do it?

  1. Take two tea bags and then soak them in water, allow them to cool before you using them. Place the damp tea bags on your puffy eyes and let them sit for around ten minutes before you remove the bags. You can use chamomile tea bag because of it is useful for its gentleness on the sensitive skin plus it also has shooting properties. But, basically, tea bags have tannic acid to sooth eye area thus best to get rid puffiness especially for home remedies for puffy eyes after crying.
  2. Take cotton pads and dip them in cold milk and squeeze them to filter the excess milk. Place the cotton pads on your closed eyelids until the pads warm up and you need to repeat it about several times.
  3. This is the most popular remedies for puffy eyes, and that is to put cold cucumber, potato or apple slices on closed eyelids and leave them until the slices warm up. There three will work to fight puffiness around your eyes.
  4. Stick two spoons in the freezer for few minutes to make them cool and then place the spoon on your closed eyelids. Wait until the spoons warm up and you can do it several times. In fact, you can use two small ice bags instead of teaspoons for example, but spoons are easier to control than the ice bags. Water filled face mask can also be used as an alternative.
  5. The last recipe is making an eye gel using vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel. Just mix them together and put this gel around your closed eyes before you go to sleep. This gel will prevent puffiness as well as fine lines and crows feet under the eyes.

And that five steps to make home remedies for puffy eyes which you can try and actually there are still a lot of recipes that available, but these five also work for the best. Now you do not need to worry anymore for some spot under your eyes.

Learn Method on How to Make Bags Under Eyes Go Away


Some of you may have a little bag that sits under the eyes which may annoy you every morning. That way you have to put on some extra effort on your makeup thus making it longer and difficult if you only have a little time in the morning. That is why some of you try to question about how to make bags under eyes go away? Of course, it is very easy when just using the makeup, but then that will not solve your problem and you will be annoyed every day, so it is best to do something more to it.

how to make bags under eyes go away

How to Make Bags Under Eyes Go Away Easily?

First, you must know that your body may retain some water since you might eat food that contains too much salt thus the body reacts that way. As a result your eyes can become swollen thus the bags will also come out to it. That is why you must drink more water so your body can go to its normal condition once again thus you can make the bags go away. 8 glasses will do since that is the standard amount that you need to consume.

Another reason that can cause the same symptoms is when you consume too much alcohol, as you probably already notice, this drink can make you feel some pain in the morning after you drink too much of it. Then your eyes will also start to become puffy which then crate the unwanted bags. Then as best as you can, try to lessen your intake of alcohol, so your body and eyes can be healthier, which also reduce your bags and make them go away.

Even when you do not drink alcohol at night, you may also drink some coffee which then resulted in the same problem the next morning. The properties of the coffee may also create this symptom; this is why you must try not to drink them when you do not really need it at night. Try to replace the drink with hot chocolate instead which may also calm your body and reduce the bags.

You may also want to calm your eyes so the bags can be reduced and may also go away. One thing that is very calming is chamomile, so you can try to take one which has been made into a tea. To make it simple just take a few bags and try to boil it with water for around 5 minutes. After it is done, take the bags and put them in the refrigerator to make them cold before you can use it. Wait for a few minutes, or you can also put them in the fridge to make the process faster. Now after it has been cold down, you can put them on your closed eyelid, but make sure that all area of the bags can be covered by it. this can be a relaxing thing for your eyes and work as aromatherapy for you.

If you want to use something that easy to be finding on your daily basis, then you can try to use potato which surely available in your kitchen. Put one on your fridge once again to make them cold, and then take it out after it has been a freeze. Now cut two slices of the vegetable then you can lay down yourself and put the slices on your bags area. The vegetable can work to soothe the area and makes the bags go away. Do this frequently, and you can see the magnificent result it brings.

Home Remedies for Bags under Your Eyes Treatments


Lack of sleep or dehydration can cause dark circles or eye bags under the eyes, even though there is a medical issue which can cause it. That’s why you need to take home remedies for bags under the eyes to instantly reduce and get rid the dark circles with ease.

home remedies for bags under the eyes

Nutrition to Avoid Dark Circles under the Eyes

It is true that dark circles can be prevented and reduced with some natural remedies for bags under the eyes, but still you also need to keep healthy life to prevent the bags getting back over and over. You can put this nutrition list in your diet, and thus you can have a fresh face without any dark circles or bags:

  1. Vitamin C: Consume enough Vitamin C can help to prevent eye bags because it can strengthen the immune system plus help the body to function optimally.
  2. Vitamin E: This is one of the most important vitamins to prevent dark circles; you need to consume two to three servings of Vitamin E foods per day.
  3. Water: You need to increase fluid intake by drink plenty of water at least eight glasses per day because dehydration can cause eye bags to form.
  4. Lutein and Zeaxanthin: These nutritions also prevent eye bags, and you can find them in corn, egg yolks, leafy green vegetables, and such as.
  5. Zinc: Zinc it is a very important mineral for health and consumes it will prevent eye bags.
  6. Beta Carotene: Carrots contains high Beta Carotene, and you can eat two to three servings of carrots per day, it is another nutrient to avoid eye bags forming on your eyes.

Best Home Remedies For Bags Under The Eyes

You can try several natural remedies to get rid eye bags fast such as:

  1. Cold water and clean towel: Soak the clean towel in cold water and squeeze out the water out. Use the damp towel to compress over the eyes area for around three to five minutes. The low temperature of the cold water can help to contract the skin.
  2. Black tea bags: Try tightening the skin with caffeine by taking two black tea bags and soaking them in lukewarm water. Squeeze the water out and then place the two tea bags over the eyes and wait about five minutes before you remove them. Alternatively, you can just apply caffeine-infused skin cream in order to reduce the eye bags temporary.
  3. Potato slices: Potato not only helps to reduce eye bags but also to treat puffiness. Just cut slices the potato about one to two inches thick and place them over the eyes at least ten minutes while lying down. Before that, you can also use lukewarm water to moisten the eyes.
  4. Teaspoons: This is the easiest way to deal with eye bags, take two metal teaspoons and keep them in refrigerator or freezer. Chill the teaspoons for fifteen to thirty minutes and place them over the eyes afterward for few minutes.
  5. Eye creams: You can find at drugstores some eye cream such as hemorrhoid cream which temporary take cares the bags, and apply it carefully over the eyes. Make sure that the cream does not get into the eyes. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to reduce the bags under the eyes.

That’s five natural remedies for bags under your eyes which you can easily try at home. You also need to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. In addition, you need to maintain your sleep position to avoid accumulation of fluids around your eyes while you sleep by using an extra pillow to elevate your head when you lie down and sleep.

How to Getting Rid Of Dark Circles for Men Tips and Tricks


Dark circles can be a problem not only for women but also men and they will make your face appear run down and tired. Of course, you need to know how to get rid of dark circles for men. In fact, the tips which we want to give to reduce or to make the dark circles less visible can be tried for women and men, however before that you should know the causes of dark circles.

how to get rid of dark circles for men

Dark Circles Causes

The area around your eyes is sensitive and thus you need to treat it carefully and when you see that the dark circles appear, you should know the cause first before determining dark circles treatment. Below may be the reasons of why you get dark circles, some are temporal, and some may be permanent:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Allergy
  3. Heredity
  4. Smoking and drink alcohol
  5. Medical problems
  6. Hyperpigmentation
  7. Facial aging
  8. Consume caffeine, and so on.

There are still lots of dark circles cause which you should know besides the list above and if you do not know the reason of why your dark circles appear then you should ASAP check to the doctor. Now, move to the kinds of treatments which you can do to get rid dark circles.

How to Getting Rid Of Dark Circles for Men?

Men can experience dark circles, and there are natural remedies, over-the-counter medicines, and even surgery procedure to get rid dark circles. However, we want to give some tips for you to make the dark circles less visible at home such as:

  1. Cold compress: If your dark circles are caused by puffiness then you need cold compress to reduce the puffy eyes. You can soak a clean towel in cold water and then use it to compress your closed eyelids, alternatively using two metal spoons and use the back to compress the eyes area for few minutes. You can also use cucumber slices by placing them over the eyes to get rid puffy eyes which caused dark circles.
  2. Eye Cream: You can purchase an eye cream at drug stores or department stores to reduce dark circles. You can also consult a doctor for proper eye cream which suitable to be used for your dark circles. For example, an eye cream that contains vitamin E good for the eye In addition, you can talk to the local pharmacist for over-the-counter eye creams.
  3. Hydrate: Maybe you can call it prevention since many people do not get enough fluid intake, and thus dark circles forming. Whether you already suffered from dark circles or not, but you should make sure that at least you drink eight glasses of water per day and if you do not like plain water, then you can add a spritz of lemon for refreshing taste.
  4. Sleep: For dark circles caused by lack of sleep then you cannot get rid such issue if you still do not get enough rest. That’s why you can try natural remedies to get rid dark circles under eyes for men plus make sure that you have enough sleep at least eight hours per day.
  5. Cover up: You can apply a cover-up to conceal the dark circles, just find such thing at retail stores or even drug stores. For dark circles caused by heredity and cannot be removed with only home remedies nor eye creams then you can cover up them. Not only women to do this, by the way.

If you are feeling insecure with you appearance due to the dark circles, you can conduct some under eyes surgery. Of course, before you are really done it, you need to consult a doctor and ask whether your dark circles really needed such treatment.

Curing Face the Swollen Eyes in the Morning To Looks Fresh Everyday


Some of you may experience some swollen eyes in the morning which you can need to cope with every day. There are many causes that can lead to getting you swollen eyes, which are why every individual must know the reason why they have the symptom before you even try to do something to it.

swollen eyes in the morning

Some of you may experience allergy which then makes your eyes watery and swollen. If that is what you get, then the only way you need to deal with the swollen eyes is by curing your allergy, so the symptom will not come out again. Some of you may use common medicine for allergy such as pseudoephedrine, but when that still does not work, and then you may want to ask about it with your doctor.

Or you may also experience dehydration which then will make your blood vessel to enlarge thus the vessel around your eyes will make them appear swollen. The skin around your eyes is very thin, so the vessel below it will really come out easily when they enlarged themselves.

Taking the wrong kind of diet may also lead to the same symptoms, if you do not eat enough vitamin C and some beta-carotene, then your body and skin will become swollen. There is also some food that really causes the swollen eyes because the substance inside the food which can make your eyes swollen. That is, for example, the alcohol which able to make your eyes swollen when you drink too much of it the night before. So try to reduce your drink especially when you drink it regularly, so you will see the change in your look.

Tired might also be the next thing that can cause the swollen eyes, especially when you do not get enough sleep after your tiring day, then the swell will get worse. That is why you need to make sure that you provide enough time to sleep after you are getting off from work, around 8 hours is enough.

Curing the Swollen Eyes in the Morning Quickly

To do something about your swollen eyes, you may want to try massaging your eyes gently. But do not overdo it since it may worsen the swell. Using your ring finger just gently tap the area around your eyes from the corner near your nose bridge then move outwards. That way the fluid inside your body will flow better, thus swollen eyes can be reduced.

You may also try to compress your eyes with something cold. If you have a compress gel, then you can put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes until it becomes cold enough. Then you can try to compress your eyes for around 10 minutes while you lie down and relax your body.

For some home remedies, you can try to purchase a witch hazel that has been extracted. They can be easily found at your local drug store. Just put it in the refrigerator to make it cold then take two cotton balls to soak it with the extract. Then put then over your eyes while you lay down, let them be for around 15 minutes before you rinse your face with cold water.

If your eyes are still swollen then you may want to learn to cover it with makeup, so it will not be too visible. But this method is an only temporary method so the best way that you can do is to cure the swollen eyes completely so you can have your makeup perfectly without being disturbed by the swollen eyes condition which comes every morning that affected your appearance.

How to Make Puffy Eyes Go Away with Several Alternatives


If you want to get rid puffy eyes, then you should try home remedies since such treatment does not have any risk due the natural ingredients which used in the recipes. How to make puffy eyes go away with natural treatment often applied for temporal puffy eyes caused by lack of sleep, crying, seasonal allergies, and such as. But, if you think that the puffiness won’t go away with only natural ingredients then you may need to think the second solution such as over-the-counter medicines and even cosmetic surgery.

how to make puffy eyes go away

How to make puffy eyes go away with home remedies?

Here several tips to get rid puffy eyes with home remedies such as:

  1. Clean towel and ice water: When you wake up in the morning and found out that your eyes were swollen without knowing the reason then you may need to compress them with clean towel and ice water for temporal treatment. Just soak the towel in ice water and squeeze the water out, use the towel to compress the puffy eyes with light pressure. Repeat the process until you think that the swelling is reduced bit by bit. Alternatively, you can also use two cotton balls and just done similar process above by place the cotton balls over the eyes and wait about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  2. Tea bags: Either tea bag is fine, but chamomile and green tea bags could be the best two since they contain properties that effectively reduce the puffiness and makes your eyes turn into normal size with Just soak two tea bags in water and place them over the eyes while waiting about fifteen to twenty minutes for the properties to work. You can also drew a cup of tea and soaked two cotton balls in the tea and put the cotton balls on closed eyelids. Rinse your face with cold water afterward.
  3. Cucumbers: Using cucumber for natural remedies to get rid puffy eyes is common, and people like to place two slices of cucumber over the eyes and wait around fifteen to twenty minutes for the cucumbers to work reduce the swollen eyes. Besides cucumber, both apple and potatoes can also be used and you can make some eye mask from these vegetables and fruit. When you make an eye mask, using your fingertips apply the mask under the eyes or closed eyelids carefully and make sure it does not get into your eyes.
  4. Teaspoons: Easy and cheap, that’s the benefit of using metal teaspoons to reduce the puffy eyes. Keep two teaspoons in refrigerator or freezer to make it chill and then place the spoons over the eyes. Wait until they warm up and see whether the swollen area is getting smaller, you may need to repeat the process until the skin back to the original size.
  5. Egg white: Crack some eggs and beat a few egg whites, apply it around your eyes with fingertips or brush and wait about twenty minutes before you rinse your face with cold water. Egg white will help your eyes less puffiness and tighten the skin.

Over-the-counter treatments and surgery

Over-the-counter treatments such as eye cream or eye gel might be your second solution if the natural remedies do not work and you can easily find them at drugstores or department stores. Surgery may become your last attempt to remove the puffy eyes, especially if the cause of swollen eyes due to a health issue. But, you need to consult the surgeon before you decide to go with it and find out what is the reason for your puffy eyes. Well, hope all these tips work to reduce puffy eyes and even dark circles under the eyes.

Learn How to Cover Up Bags under Eyes Completely Perfect


Covering up for the bags that lies under your eyes might already be a routine that you have done every day, but then you might not feel satisfy with the result since it is not perfectly cover the whole thing and there are still several dark colors that visible even after you apply the makeup. Then how to cover up bags under eyes so that the dark color will disappear? There are actually few more steps that you need to add to the steps you usually use, so the bags will completely invincible as the dark color.

how to cover up bags under eyes

Covering Bags under Your Eyes So It Can Be Invincible – Here’s How To Cover Up Bags Under Eyes

  1. Like always do not forget to completely clean your face before using any makeup since you do not want to have excesses oil on your face which makes the makeup not blend completely then the eye bags will not be covered
  2. This next step might not be done by most people since you might not know about it. But actually it is better for you to apply eye cream before you put any makeup on the area of your eye bags since it will help the skin or any crack that available on the spot by filled them in. Moreover, the cream will also moist your eyes area making the bags not too swollen. That way you will get the best area to working on. Moreover, some people tends to use product which is too dry to blend well with your eyes area, then by using this cream you will be prepared for the worse product you might have to use.
  3. After the cream has dry and you ready to put more makeup on top of it, you can try to use some concealer to your eye bags area. It is better when the product has a light form which can easily cover any fine line around the bags that also makes the makeup able to completely cover the bags. Do not forget that the shade of the product also needs to be close to your original skin color; it is better when you can find one with waterproof properties, so your makeup will not ruin by crease by midday.
  4. Alternatively, you can also try to use a hybrid product that combines the concealer with skincare It usually has brush or metal tip so you can easily apply it on the eye bags area around your eyes to cover it. That way you do not only able to cover your eye bags but also able to treat the inflammation that causes the bags to come out on your eyes.
  5. Now it is the time to perfectly blend the concealer to all area of the bags to make it invincible. It will be better when you are using makeup brush since you will be able to control the movement better than when you use your finger. Moreover, you will not apply too much pressure which can be a bad thing for the blood vein. Choose a brush that has a small and flat tip; it is better when the brush is made from synthetic material that can work better with your makeup form.
  6. After your eye bags have completely taken care of, now you can use your makeup in any way you want. Use any eye makeup the way you usually do to make your eyes condition more beautiful.

Do not forget to give treatment to your eye bags as you may want to get rid the bags completely from your eyes and not only to cover them with makeup so your eyes can become more beautiful.

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